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Why Did the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Drop the Ball on the Demaryius Thomas Story?


The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets were placed on NCAA probation following a 20-month investigation into the Institute's football and men's basketball programs. Dawg Sports wants to know why the...

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Sorry For All the Football from Fox Sports 1


Do you dream of bathing in an unending wave of college football goodness? Do you ever feel like you just see too much of your girlfriend, the sun or your Jack Russell, Bo?  If so, do we have...

The Challenges Awaiting Greg McGarity as He Assumes the Athletic Directorship in Athens


Reports indicate that the University of Georgia is about to hire Greg McGarity, a former Bulldog athlete who works as Florida Gators head honcho Jeremy Foley's right-hand man, as athletic director....

The assumption in both cases is that there's actually something to the "Richt on the hot seat" meme...


The assumption in both cases is that there's actually something to the "Richt on the hot seat" meme – that he was feeling some kind of pressure from Evans himself or his bosses, who Evans was somehow able to keep at bay – which still defies public statements from UGA power brokers and common sense. What was Evans supposed to be protecting Richt from? Criticism of his pace to become the winningest coach in Georgia history? Antsy boosters looking to grill him over four straight top-10 finishes, or two SEC championships in four years after a 20-year drought since Herschel Walker's final season? The unlikely late-season run to No. 2 in the final polls in 2007? Despite Bradley's optimistic take, the conventional wisdom is that new athletic directors are a threat to coaches: Personalities may clash, and if the record suffers at all, the new boss has no incentive to remain loyal when he can bring in "his guy." But as Bradley also notes, Richt wasn't Evans' guy; he was hired by Evans' predecessor, Vince Dooley. Whatever the internal impatience with Richt, Evans was certainly aware of them; for all we know, he originated them. But unless someone high up the chain is specifically looking for a hatchet man who'll have Richt's head at the first opportunity, whoever inherits the AD's chair won't have any more reason to put Richt in his crosshairs than Evans did. An utter disaster of a season could change that equation. If there are high-placed Richt skeptics, the end of the Bulldogs' 12-year bowl streak could conceivable force a heavy hand or two to try to sweep him out. Short of that kind of wholesale collapse, though, Richt shouldn't need any buffers or friends in the short term beyond his own resumé.

As MaconDawg said it would, the removal of Damon Evans as Georgia's athletic director has added fuel to the silly "Mark Richt is on the hot seat" fire. Fortunately, Dr. Saturday is on the job to debunk such nonsense. (Hat tip: Senator Blutarsky, who wisely notes that, in the wake of a scandal involving a series of personal misjudgments by a deposed athletic director, the school has even less incentive than before to jettison a head coach whose personal behavior is beyond reproach.) Go 'Dawgs!

Today Reportedly Will Mark the End of Damon Evans's Career at the University of Georgia


The discussion of the Bulldogs' new athletic director already has begun, with Greg McGarity and Carla Williams being the leading candidates in the conversation. While I prefer McGarity, I would be pleased with Williams, albeit with one caveat: Williams's experience in athletic administration has come at Vanderbilt and at Georgia during a period of decline. McGarity has spent the last eighteen years working closely with Jeremy Foley in the building of championship programs in all sports at Florida. Personally, I'd prefer to keep Williams where she is, using the financial and managerial skills she has developed while working with Evans, and make McGarity athletic director, enabling him to implement the championship-winning approach he learned from Foley. There are, of course, reasons for preferring Williams to McGarity, and I do not fault those who would rather see Williams promoted from within (or made interim athletic director until a full search can be conducted, thereby giving her an extended audition for the position). However, Mark Bradley expressed an idiotic sentiment when he called McGarity "a Dooley loyalist." What does it mean to be a Vince Dooley loyalist in 2010? Coach Dooley has been gone for six years, he appears to be enjoying retirement and has shown no signs lately of wanting to exercise any influence in Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall, and he has indicated that his focus this autumn will be on the Tennessee squad coached by his son. Bradley may as well have called McGarity a Joel Eaves loyalist or a Wally Butts loyalist for all the real-world significance that label has today. Reasonable Georgia fans can and do prefer Williams to McGarity, but, as usual, Bradley has identified the dumbest reason for taking a reasonable position. Go 'Dawgs!

Mark Bradley: Damon Evans Out as Georgia Athletic Director


For once, Mark Bradley gets it right: this was sad but necessary. I sincerely hope Damon Evans finds a way to put his life back together, but it was clear that he could no longer do that at the University of Georgia. Go 'Dawgs!

Friday Morning Dawg Bites


College football is almost upon us and there's a lot of ground for us to cover. Dawg Sports runs down the important minutiae for your Friday morning.

Putting Jim Donnan's Tenure with the Georgia Bulldogs Into Perspective


Bulldog Nation is in a reflective mood after former Georgia coach Jim Donnan's induction into the College Football Hall of Fame. Here is one fan's take on the controversial coach's tenure in Athens.

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