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Why Herschel Walker Was More Deserving of Inclusion in the SB Nation College Football Hall of Fame Than Ricky Williams


The initial SB Nation College Football Hall of Fame induction class is being announced, and Dawg Sports takes issue with the selection of Ricky Williams, rather than Herschel Walker, as the first...

Why the Georgia Bulldogs Will Not Win Ten Games in the 2012 College Football Season


CBS Sports college football blogger Jerry Hinnen predicts the Georgia Bulldogs will win at least ten games in 2012. Dawg Sports explains why anyone who believes that must be smoking something.

More Bad News is Coming for the Georgia Bulldogs This Offseason


Mark Richt and the Georgia Bulldogs have gotten more than their fair share of bad news this offseason, but are worse calamities in store for the Red and Black before the 2012 college football...

A Georgia Bulldogs Fan's Case for the Decriminalization of Marijuana


The Georgia Bulldogs enforce the SEC's toughest anti-drug policy, as a result of which several football players reportedly have been suspended for testing positive for pot. Dawg Sports asks whether...

Georgia Bulldogs Coaches: Is Their Stock Rising, Falling, or Holding Steady?


Is the stock of the Georgia Bulldogs' coaches rising, falling, or holding steady? Dawg Sports looks at Mark Richt, Todd Grantham, Mark Fox, Jay Clark, David Perno, and Andy Landers.

Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites: Rivalries, Realignment, Statistics, Shatner, and a Country Singer Caught Drinking in a Church Parking Lot on Sunday Night


Dawg Sports has all the Georgia Bulldogs news deserving of your attention this Wednesday morning. Get up to speed on the latest with this morning's edition of Dawg Bites.

Makin' It Rain in Gainesville: Will Muschamp, Janoris Jenkins, and the Myth of Florida Gator "Discipline"


It is being widely reported that Florida Gators head coach Will Muschamp dismissed Janoris Jenkins from the team after the All-SEC junior's latest marijuana-related arrest. Dawg Sports isn't sure...

Georgia Bulldogs' Justin Houston Reportedly Tested Positive for Marijuana at NFL Combine


The Georgia Bulldogs' Justin Houston reportedly tested positive for marijuana at the NFL Combine. How will this affect Houston's status in the NFL Draft, and was this his first positive drug test?

Florida Gator Busted for Pot Possession . . . Again


Meanwhile, unless I've missed a memo somewhere, there hasn't been a Georgia football player arrested since October 11. For what it's worth, you can't spell "The University of Florida Gators" without T-H-U-G. Go 'Dawgs!

Offseason Officially Underway: Football Player Arrested


Fortunately, it isn't one of ours, for once! Florida's Janoris Jenkins reportedly was busted for pot possession, proving once again the following SAT analogy: Holding weed : Florida Gators :: driving on a suspended license : Georgia Bulldogs. Go 'Dawgs!

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