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How to Pick a Winning NCAA Tournament Bracket the Dawg Sports Way!


There are several theories for filling out an NCAA Tournament bracket. Dawg Sports gives you several winning ways . . . and predicts a national championship for an SEC team you might not expect!

Charles Mann Chose Georgia . . . and Not a Moment Too Soon


After guiding the Georgia Bulldogs back to the NCAA Tournament, Mark Fox appeared poised to make Red and Black basketball relevant, but momentum was lost on the recruiting trail. Now, it may have...

SB Nation Conference Re-Draft Makes Georgia Bulldogs and Clemson Tigers Conference Rivals


SB Nation's Conference Re-Draft Project continues, and, with the first pick of the seventh round, "The 12 Pack" has selected the Clemson Tigers, thereby renewing their longstanding rivalry with the...

Clean, Old-Fashioned Creight: Getting to Know the Creighton Bluejays


The Georgia Bulldogs will take on the Creighton Bluejays in the Corvallis Regional of the NCAA Baseball Tournament on Friday. Dawg Sports provides insights from the perspective of a graduate of...

How to Implement an 18-Game SEC Basketball Schedule Without Doing Away with the Divisions


The SEC is discussing doing away with the divisions in basketball and switching to an 18-game conference schedule. Dawg Sports has a solution which would allow the league to keep its divisions,...

Georgia Bulldogs Basketball, Recruiting, and Mark Fox: Is the Man Ready to Meet His Moment?


The recent firings of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets' Paul Hewitt and the Tennessee Volunteers' Bruce Pearl have opened the door for the Georgia Bulldogs' Mark Fox to snag key men's basketball...

Georgia Bulldogs v. Washington Huskies: It's a Dawg Eat Dawg Tournament!


The Georgia Bulldogs and the Washington Huskies will square off in the first round of the NCAA men's basketball tournament on Friday night, but one question about the matchup remains. Which team...

Georgia Bulldogs v. Washington Huskies: The Haphazard Ill-Informed NCAA Basketball Tournament Preview


Mark Fox's Georgia Bulldogs open the NCAA men's basketball tournament against the Pac-10 champion Washington Huskies in Charlotte on Friday night. Dawg Sports breaks down the important matchup.

Programming Note: Dawg Sports to Discuss NCAA Basketball Tournament on Radio at 5:20 Monday


T. Kyle King of Dawg Sports is scheduled to appear with B.J. Bennett on The Fan Sports Radio 790/1350 to discuss Mark Fox, the Georgia Bulldogs, and the NCAA men's basketball tournament.

Why It Matters That Mark Fox's Georgia Bulldogs Made the NCAA Basketball Tournament Field


Mark Fox's Georgia Bulldogs were believed to be a bubble team, but the selection committee made them a ten seed in the NCAA men's basketball tournament. Dawg Sports gives five reasons why it was...

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