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A Georgia Bulldogs Fan Reacts to the Death of the Louisiana Tech Mascot

Bulldog aficionados everywhere were appalled at the recent news regarding Louisiana Tech's mascot. Georgia fans took it particularly seriously, for reasons Dawg Sports explains.

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Sorry For All the Football from Fox Sports 1


Do you dream of bathing in an unending wave of college football goodness? Do you ever feel like you just see too much of your girlfriend, the sun or your Jack Russell, Bo?  If so, do we have...

Lunch Hour Dawg Bites: Georgia Golfers Represent U.S., Uga Named Top Mascot, and Greg McGarity is No Jeremy Foley


The Georgia Bulldogs men's golf team has distinguished itself yet again by contributing two members of the U.S. Walker Cup team, while Uga again has been named the top mascot in college football...

What Must be Done to Ensure the Health of the Uga Mascot Line?


In recent years, the Georgia Bulldogs too often have seen the team's beloved mascot, Uga, meet with an untimely end. Is it time to change the breeding standards in order to ensure the health of the...

Georgia Bulldogs v. Arkansas Razorbacks Mascot Smackdown: Russ v. Tusk


One matchup being overlooked about this weekend's SEC football showdown between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Arkansas Razorbacks is the clash of the mascots. Who has the upper hand, Russ or Tusk?

AP Voters Rank Ralphie Ahead of Uga in Mascot Poll


I saw Ralphie in Athens in 2006, and, although I had looked forward to seeing a live buffalo between the hedges, I remember thinking she (yes, Ralphie is a girl, just like Spuds McKenzie) was a huge letdown. Uga is way cooler than Ralphie, as the Sports Illustrated cover established nearly 15 years ago. Also, as vineyarddawg pointed out, that lunge at the Auburn player in 1996 would have been a good deal uglier if it had been Ralphie on that leash. Go 'Dawgs!

PETA Outduels Northeast In Patent Absurdity Sweepstakes


It was bad enough that we had to hear all that nonsense from Forbes Magazine about how "Hail Flutie" was so important because it made northeastern media elites recognize that college football exists---some of us recall historic moments from 1984 on their own merits---but these PETA nimrods who opportunistically swoop down to spread their sanctimonious swill every time a college loses a live mascot really take the cake. They don't even have their facts straight. Uga is a privately-owned family pet. Sonny Seiler is going to own pet bulldogs irrespective of whether one of them is patrolling the Sanford Stadium sideline. Live animal mascots are part of what make college football great and the conditions in which they are kept are far from cruel. Heck, Uga probably has better health care than I do. The only public service PETA renders is getting hot actresses to pose naked to express their opposition to something or other. (I'm not sure what, exactly; my attention generally is arrested by the hot actress posing naked, although, if I knew what PETA was taking a stand against, I would give whatever it is they oppose my full-throated support, so that it would continue and PETA would be compelled to get more hot actresses to pose naked in opposition to it. Largely for the same reason, I favor killing off all the whales, so that they will be extinct by the 23rd century, so that, when Admiral Kirk returns to Earth at the start of "Star Trek IV," he'll have to go back in time to get whales and bring them forward in time to save himself from being court martialed. It's all about actions and consequences, people.) PETA needs to sit down, shut up, and quit lecturing Sonny Seiler on what constitutes ethical treatment of a bunch of bulldogs about whom he and his family care far, far more than any obnoxious activists ever will. This is political grandstanding in its most shameful form, and their suggestion---a robot dog? seriously?---is stupid, to boot. Go 'Dawgs!

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