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Boise State Broncos 35, Georgia Bulldogs 21: "For Nothing Now Can Ever Come to Any Good"

The Boise State Broncos dominated the Georgia Bulldogs in a 35-21 victory in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game. Dawg Sports notes with heavy heart and mixed emotions that this likely means 2011 will be Mark Richt's last year as the Bulldogs' head football coach.

Why Did the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Drop the Ball on the Demaryius Thomas Story?

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets were placed on NCAA probation following a 20-month investigation into the Institute's football and men's basketball programs. Dawg Sports wants to know why the Atlanta Journal-Constitution failed to report the story until the day sanctions were announced.

With Beard-Eaves Memorial Coliseum in Peril, Is It Time For the Georgia Bulldogs to Name a Building After Joel Eaves?

Now that Beard-Eaves Memorial Coliseum has become the redheaded stepchild of the Auburn Tigers' athletic facilities, is it time for the Georgia Bulldogs to name a building in honor of former athletic director Joel Eaves?

Don't Bet On It!: Week 13 College Football National Game of Disinterest

Each week, Dawg Sports identifies the least intriguing college football game of the weekend and designates it as the national game of disinterest. This week's selection hits a bit close to home for fans of the Georgia Bulldogs.

Friday Morning Points to Ponder for Bulldog Nation

If you didn't already get your fill from Too Much Information, or if you're more of an auditory learner than a visual learner, please tune in to Kit Kitchens's podcast, which once again features me...

Are the Tennessee Volunteers Now a Bigger Rival of the Georgia Bulldogs' Than the Clemson Tigers?

Throughout the 1980s, the Georgia Bulldogs' rivalry with the Clemson Tigers was one of the most heated in college football. Have the Tennessee Volunteers overtaken the Country Gentlemen as one of the Red and Black's fiercest rivals?

Losing My Religion: Why Georgia Bulldogs Fans Should Abandon All Hope

Dawg Sports has identified the source of the Georgia Bulldogs' two years of malaise in multiple sports, and the solution is clear. It is time for Bulldog Nation to abandon all hope.

Kevin Butler's 60-Yard Field Goal to Beat the Clemson Tigers: An Open Letter to My Son on the 25th Anniversary of a Great Georgia Bulldogs Victory

25 years ago today, Kevin Butler's famous 60-yard field goal allowed the Georgia Bulldogs to beat the second-ranked Clemson Tigers and inspired one of Lewis Grizzard's most famous columns. T. Kyle King commemorates the day accordingly.

"Your Mascot Is So Ugly . . .": How to Taunt an SEC Football Fan

How do you taunt a rival fan? What's the best retort he could offer in reply? Which rivalries are most heated? Which rivals are most hated? Dawg Sports has the answers.

Kyle Gets Contrary: Why Cheerleaders Are An Unnecessary Luxury in College Football

Florida International recently did away with its cheerleading squad for budgetary reasons. Actually, there are good philosophical reasons for not relying on faux enthusiasm at football games.

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