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Larry Munson to be Honored by General Assembly


Best call made by the state legislature since January 27, 1785. Only six sponsors, though? Who in the state legislature wouldn't sign onto this one? Go 'Dawgs!

Terrell Brown Pays Tribute to Larry Munson


He broke his chair. He came right through a chair, a metal steel chair with about a five-inch cushion. Man, there was some property destroyed that night! Go 'Dawgs!

Track 'Em Tigers Offers Fitting Tribute to Larry Munson


I don't particularly care for Auburn, but this was classy, and it was appreciated. Go 'Dawgs!

#MunsonsBday Hashtag Gets Mention on "Trending"


Thanks to Kevin Copp for the shout-out (even though the hashtag was slightly wrong). Go 'Dawgs!

I Think We Have Found Our Uga IX


Do you remember the bulldog puppy Isaiah Crowell held up on national signing day? Of course you do. The puppy is owned by Mike Woods, whose bald dome (emblazoned with the Uga head logo) is visible during commercial bumps at Georgia sporting events. Woods was asked to allow the puppy to be used during Crowell's announcement ceremony. The puppy is named Magical Munson Woods. He comes from the Uga line; Uga VI was his great-uncle, and Woods says he's "got the papers to prove it." Woods intends to offer Magical Munson Woods to the Seilers and the school so he can serve as Uga IX. To recap: Magical Munson Woods is part of the Uga line, but he comes from an offshoot of that line, which may help from a breeding standpoint; he is named for Larry Munson; he is owned by one of the school's most well-known and visible fans; he was held up by Isaiah Crowell on national signing day. The search is over, folks. We have ourselves a winner. As soon as the Seilers say Magical Munson Woods is old enough to serve, he should ascend to the throne as Uga IX. Give that dog a bone. Go 'Dawgs!

Rocky Top Talk on the Hobnailed Boot


Interesting perspective from the other side of the aisle. My favorite part is the characterization of the very attribute that made Larry Munson the best in the business as "unprofessional," although, to be fair, the author offers a balanced view of Munson's homerism and concedes his own (perfectly understandable) bias in favor of the team that came up on the short end of the exchange. Go 'Dawgs!

Helping Our Northern Brethren Get a Handle on Our References


Brian Cook finds "delightfully impenetrable" Paul Westerdawg's hilarious "LOOK AT THE WEEDEATERS FALLING FROM THE SKY!" reference, so I thought I'd do what I could to help anyone else who didn't get the reference. (In Brian's defense, if you didn't grow up listening to Larry Munson, I don't suppose there's any reason why that should make sense.) In 1982, Georgia beat Auburn at Jordan-Hare Stadium to capture a third straight SEC championship. In those days, the SEC champion automatically went to the Sugar Bowl. After the Bulldogs stopped the Tigers on fourth down to ensure a return trip to New Orleans, Larry Munson declared, "Look at the sugar falling from the sky!" In 1991, Georgia went to the Independence Bowl, which then was (infamously) sponsored by Poulan Weedeater. This pairing of the postseason game with its sponsor led to much mockery, so we in Bulldog Nation still think of it as the Poulan Weedeater Independence Bowl. Since Georgia may be going back to the Independence Bowl this year, Paul reworked the Munson line to substitute Weedeaters for sugar. This has been a public service announcement. Go 'Dawgs!

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