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Georgia Swimmers and Divers Complete Yet Another Sweep of Tennessee

You may not have noticed, but the Bulldogs' men's and women's swimming and diving teams both defeated their Tennessee counterparts on Saturday. In the wake of Georgia's men's and women's basketball victories over the Volunteers, this latest sweep of the Big Orange really raises questions about the bad karma Lane Kiffin inflicted on the entire athletics program in Knoxville. Senator Blutarsky may have "officially crossed the border into Sympathy Land," but I have to admit I'm deriving more than a little enjoyment from seeing the adage "what goes around comes around" played out on the court and in the pool . . . and, I hope, between the hedges next October 9. Go 'Dawgs!

Is Tennessee Close to Hiring David Cutcliffe?

It's looking that way, and, if it turns out to be the case, it's a good hire. David Cutcliffe has been a successful SEC head coach (one bad season at Ole Miss that got him undeservedly canned notwithstanding), he has been relatively effective at Duke (albeit not at Spurrier-scary levels), and, unlike Lane Kiffin, he regards Knoxville as an ultimate destination rather than a way station. Coach Cutcliffe isn't a splashy pick, but his history with the Vols suggests that he was to Phillip Fulmer as Ralph Friedgen was to George O'Leary or Erskine Russell was to Vince Dooley. The Fridge went on to have some stellar seasons at Maryland (though not lately) and Erk had a Hall of Fame-worthy career in Statesboro from start to finish. If Tennessee is looking to strike fear into the hearts of rival fans, David Cutcliffe isn't the way to go, but, frankly, every guy they might have gotten who would have frightened me (Will Muschamp, Charlie Strong, Tommy Tuberville) is off the table, so they should opt for restoring their program to respectability. David Cutcliffe does that. Go 'Dawgs!

They're Going Off Their Rockers On Rocky Top

Then again, we did see Peyton call for a two-point conversion attempt against Auburn a couple of years ago. Go 'Dawgs!

Chick-fil-A Bowl: Couldn't Have Happened to a Nicer Guy

EA Sports told you so . . . and so did I! (Hey, I'm wrong so frequently, I have to take my successes where I can find them!) Just imagine how much we'd have heard about Lane Kiffin and his coaching staff if they hadn't gone 7-6! How ever could we have doubted him? Does this one count as a moral victory, too? Opposing fan overreaction in 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . . Go 'Dawgs!

Methinks Clay Travis Doth Protest Too Much

That headline was a bit sophomoric, as well. They're really employees of the admissions office? Seriously? Yeah, and, when Skip Holtz was on Lou Holtz's coaching staff, it didn't run afoul of state nepotism laws because Skip's supervisor technically was the athletic director, not the head coach. Also, it's a conspiracy because "178 miles" was exaggerated to sound like the much more damning "almost 200 miles"? Please. Lane Kiffin blows a lot of smoke. After a while, it's reasonable to think there's some fire. But, hey, it's all part of the plan, and all publicity is good publicity, right? Go 'Dawgs!

He's like Charlie Weis without a botched gastric bypass!

Or, you know, any record of achievement at anything at any level anywhere ever, except for marrying Layla. Go 'Dawgs!

No more calls, please; we have a winner!

Great headline, great posting, great point. Kudos to Brian. He nailed it. Go 'Dawgs!

Apparently, Lane Kiffin is inside Urban Meyer's head

Wow. Just . . . wow. Joel is a colleague and a friend, but, man, that's a level of spin-doctoring Sean Hannity would find over the (rocky) top. Go 'Dawgs!

I didn't vote for him for president . . .

. . . nor did I vote for his son for president, and I don't drink his brother's beer, so I don't mind saying that John Adams's take on the Lane Kiffin fiasco demonstrates just how much more desperate the situation in Knoxville had become than any of us outside of Volunteer Country imagined. The title of Adams's article ought to be: "A drowning man will reach even for the tip of a sword."

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