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Cheating, Rape And The Myth Of Notre Dame

The only thing I hate more than Notre Dame football is the MYTH of Notre Dame football. It's dishonest and most importantly it's damaging - just ask Lizzy Seeberg

Mary, Mary, Where You Goin’ To?

There's a well-known business book called "Built to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies." The general thesis is that the truly great organizations that thrive over a century have a...

Book Review: Notre Dame and the Game that ChangedFootball

We interrupt this annual recruiting bonanza for a look back into history. Enjoy! I received this book for Christmas and it is a recommended read if you: A. Want to learn more about the early...

Army Preview: Let's Get Ready for a Boogie Down Bronx Battle

Army (+8) at Notre Dame Pick: Notre Dame The Irish preview gets its own post this week. Horray! Here are some of the things I’ll be watching for in this game: 1.) What will the defensive game...

Notre Dame – Army: The Unbearable Lightness ofTradition

How you respond to losing is as at least important as forging a winning attitude. Earlier this year the Black Knights had a tough overtime loss to Rutgers, who came back in the fourth quarter from...

Note to Notre Dame Fans: Embrace the Green Jerseys

"The green is cursed!" "They are bad luck!" "They should only be worn when the Irish are dominant." "The green should only be worn for big games." "They cease to be special if they are worn all the...

The 1925 Rose Bowl - Notre Dame vs. Stanford

How would you like to see a matchup between the coach with the highest win percentage against the coach with the second most wins in a career? Would you like to see the most storied backfields in...

The Notre Dame - Michigan Rivalry - "To Hell With NotreDame"

You'd think that the Notre Dame-Michigan rivalry would be a natural - strong feelings, near in distance, competing for the same players, families with students in both schools, the top two schools...

Wallace Wade: Demoralizing the Opposition with the Second Team

While the idea of dominance is central in Coach Saban's approach it's not a new idea at the Capstone. Wallace Wade provided Alabama with quite a bit of it during his tenure in Tuscaloosa.

A Georgia Bulldogs Fan Assesses Urban Meyer's Tenure with the Florida Gators and Adjusts to Life Without "Corch"

Urban Meyer's spectacularly successful six years with the Florida Gators have ended. Dawg Sports explains why fans of the Georgia Bulldogs should view Coach Meyer's tenure in Gainesville as a period of missed opportunities in Jacksonville.

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