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Tuesday Night Dawg Bites: Men's Tennis, David Pollack, and Nike Pro Combat Uniforms Top the Day's Georgia Bulldogs Notes


Anxious for college football season? Tired of hearing about SEC expansion? In "Dawg bites," you can catch up on all the latest Georgia Bulldogs news, including information on Herschel Walker, David...

The Dawg-Gone Podcast Has Been Posted


This week, Kit Kitchens talks to Gentry Estes and Verron Haynes, so you'll get to hear from folks who actually know what the heck they're talking about before having to listen to me offer obscure references to how Warren G. Harding was nominated at the 1920 Republican National Convention in my jet-lagged state. Go 'Dawgs!

The Dawg-Gone Podcast is Available for Your Listening Pleasure


Kit Kitchens and I resumed our regular Monday evening college football conversations last night, and I'm going to warn you: we both got a little enthusiastic about the Bulldogs. There may even be some optimism thrown in there. Heck, I'll just say it: there was positive energy. Kit and I are Energy Vampire-Slayers. If you're not prepared for good vibes, don't listen. If you're ready for some football, tune in at your earliest opportunity . . . and don't worry; it's safe for work, provided you consider the word "butt" safe for work. Go 'Dawgs!

Pre-Signing Day Podcast Available


Kit and I recorded this one before the Bulldogs' basketball loss to Florida, so that part is somewhat dated, but give it a listen, nevertheless. Go 'Dawgs!

Baseball America College Top 25 Released: Georgia Bulldogs Face Daunting Diamond Slate in 2011


Baseball America has released its preseason college baseball top 25. The rankings do not bode well for David Perno's Georgia Bulldogs, who will face ranked opponents 21 times in 56 games.

The Dawg Gone Podcast Has Been Posted


Kit Kitchens went to Monday night's Falcons game, so the Liberty Bowl edition of the podcast was recorded on Tuesday morning, while I was packing for Memphis, so any funky audio oddities are on me. Go 'Dawgs!

"The Dawg Gone Podcast" is Available for Your Listening Pleasure


This was recorded on Monday evening, so it's slightly outdated, but it's still worth a listen. Go 'Dawgs!

"The Dawg Gone Podcast" Covers Rivalry Between Georgia Bulldogs and Auburn Tigers


Apparently, when T. Kyle King of Dawg Sports expresses his feelings about the college football rivalry between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Auburn Tigers on a podcast, iTunes bumps it up from...

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