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Georgia Bulldogs 2011 Season Preview: The Tennessee Game


Mark Richt's Georgia Bulldogs will travel to Neyland Stadium on October 8 for a critical college football game in the SEC East against Derek Dooley's Tennessee Volunteers. Dawg Sports previews the...

Sunday Night Dawg Bites: Mike Hamilton, Bill Stewart, Trooper Taylor, and the Latest on the Georgia Bulldogs


Dawg Sports offers an overview of a busy week in intercollegiate athletics, complete with thoughts on Mike Hamilton, Bill Stewart, Trooper Taylor, and the latest on the Georgia Bulldogs.

Kiffin and USC's actions involving Tennessee Football were intentional, without legal...


Kiffin and USC's actions involving Tennessee Football were intentional, without legal justification, and were part of a course and pattern of conduct fostered by Kiffin and USC to use improper methods and means to the direct harm and damage of parties to contracts, to interfere with existing contracts and induce the breach thereof, including the Pola Contract: For instance, in December 2008, Kiffin accepted the contractual position of head football coach at the University of Tennessee. Without warning, in January 2010, Kiffin abruptly departed after one season, leaving the University of Tennessee without an experienced head football coach, to accept the head coach position he currently holds at USC. Shortly thereafter, Kiffin and USC persuaded four more University of Tennessee coaches - Monte Kiffin, Ed Orgeron, James Cregg and Willie Mack Garza - to leave the University of Tennessee to assume employment in coaching positions with USC. Upon information and belief, USC and Kiffin also attempted to hire for USC a running backs coach, Eric Bienemy, who was under contract at the time with the National Football League team known as the Minnesota Vikings. USC and Kiffin were unsuccessful in persuading Bienemy to end his relationship with Minnesota, but upon information and belief, Minnesota was forced to renegotiate Bienemy's salary to its detriment due to Kiffin and USC's acts of interference.

I offer no opinion upon the legal merits, vel non, of the lawsuit against Lane Kiffin which was initiated by this complaint (.pdf), but I have to say that you reap what you sow. Go 'Dawgs!

The Auburn Tigers Need Our Help, and We're Just the Rivals to Assist Them in Their Time of Need


The Auburn Tigers are looking for a new theme song. Orson Swindle has a helpful suggestion.

Tuesday Night Dawg Bites


Why is Chris Kiffin USC-bound? How nonsensical was Paul Finebaum's latest column? Who celebrates a birthday this week? Find out in Tuesday night's Dawg bites.

ESPN Is Out to Get the Pac-10


Apparently, the boys from Bristol have an axe to grind with the very same Southern California squad they spent all of 2005 hyping as the Best Team Ever and to which they gave free publicity by inviting Pete Carroll to join them as a guest commentator for the national championship game. Evidently, insufficient attention has been paid to the number of player arrests at Georgia and Florida. That baffles me . . . it seems we're constantly hearing about the number of player arrests at both programs; it seems to me that the "Program Out of Control!" stories being written about Oregon now are merely rehashes of the same stories about Florida a year ago. Also, USC fans are bent out of shape that no one is talking about player arrests at Tennessee. Maybe the significance of the term "Fulmer Cup" escapes them . . . and maybe they've forgotten on whose watch last year's Volunteer misdeeds occurred. Paragon SC is a friend, but he and I aren't watching the same media outlets if he thinks arrests of SEC student-athletes are underreported and the Trojans aren't the darlings of the Worldwide Leader. Go 'Dawgs!

Late Night Dawg Bites: Delayed Kiffinfreude/Alternate Uniform/Finish the Drill Edition


Dawg bites features a delayed example of Kiffinfreude, a look at alternate uniform jerseys, and Paul Johnson's favorite catch phrase, plus a knock on Olympic curling.

Georgia Swimmers and Divers Complete Yet Another Sweep of Tennessee


You may not have noticed, but the Bulldogs' men's and women's swimming and diving teams both defeated their Tennessee counterparts on Saturday. In the wake of Georgia's men's and women's basketball victories over the Volunteers, this latest sweep of the Big Orange really raises questions about the bad karma Lane Kiffin inflicted on the entire athletics program in Knoxville. Senator Blutarsky may have "officially crossed the border into Sympathy Land," but I have to admit I'm deriving more than a little enjoyment from seeing the adage "what goes around comes around" played out on the court and in the pool . . . and, I hope, between the hedges next October 9. Go 'Dawgs!


Tennessee Volunteers at Georgia Bulldogs Hoops Open Comment Thread

Can't be at Stegeman Coliseum to see Mark Fox's Georgia Bulldogs take on Bruce Pearl's Tennessee Volunteers? Join in the discussion at the Dawg Sports game day open comment thread.

Thursday Night Dawg Bites: Hutson Mason/Holly Anderson/Jamie Luner Edition


What did Hutson Mason have to say about Mark Richt? What Tennessee fan celebrated a birthday on the day Andy Landers's Bulldogs beat Pat Summitt's Volunteers? What's the worst show Kyle has ever...

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