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WWE 'Tribute to the Troops' results and live blog

Complete results and a running live blog for tonight's (Dec. 19, 2012) WWE "Tribute to the Troops" special from Norfolk, Virginia, featuring performances from Kid Rock, Flo-Rida and even a little...

Kid Rock To Perform At Halftime Of Lions' Thanksgiving Day Game


Kid Rock will perform at halftime of the Thanksgiving Day game between the Detroit Lions and New England Patriots at Ford Field. The show will be one of several events Kid Rock has planned to...

Around the Backstretch


A look at the TV schedule for next week's Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby, plus thoughts on items making news in the world of horse racing.

Thursday Night Dawg Bites: Charlie Strong Moves On, a Congressman Makes Georgia Proud, and Clay Travis Breaks a Table (Metaphorically)


Charlie Strong is the new head coach of the Louisville Cardinals, Clay Travis has mounted an overly enthusiastic defense of the Tennessee Volunteers, and Representative John Barrow represents...

Friday Sips


Been meanin to do one of these for about four days, so, let's get to it:   First off, depth chart: Stephen Simmons is No. 1, so, no offense to the others, but, we might actually see some semblance...

Monday Notes: Jim Schwartz Hangs Out with Kid Rock at MIS


Monday notes takes a look at Jim Schwartz's day with Kid Rock at MIS and more.

Knicks 116, Pistons 111- OT


The Knicks gut out an unlikely comeback to best Detroit in overtime. It's easy to root against Kid Rock's favorite team.

John Daly Previews His Future


This is probably what the future holds for John Daly: A golf outing sideshow; the broken-down former Tour player you pay with money and alcohol to show up at the company tournament, get drunk, slap...

John Daly tees off with Kid Rock's tall can (vid & pics)


Is a tall can of Budweiser allowed on a professional golf course? via myfoxutah.com

Concert at Raymond James Stadium.. Shinedown - Serj Tankian 98 Rockfest


Forget the Pre-Season, you can get into Raymond James Stadium even earlier… Just purchase tickets to this years 98 Rockfest. Raymond James Stadium will open its doors to the likes of: Shinedown,...

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