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Don't Bet On It!: 2010-2011 College Football Bowl Predictions (Part V)


The SEC will have college football conference bragging rights on the line when the Alabama Crimson Tide, Florida Gators, and South Carolina Gamecocks take the field for bowl games on New Year's Eve...

The Lyin' in Autumn: How Will Muschamp Secretly Conspired to Bring His Hidden Lifelong Love for the Florida Gators to Fruition


The Florida Gators' new head football coach, Will Muschamp, claims his prior associations with the Georgia Bulldogs, the LSU Tigers, and the Auburn Tigers all were attributable to "temporary...

Don't Bet On It!: Week 13 College Football Forecasts Around the SEC


With the Florida Gators and the South Carolina Gamecocks set to take on their in-state rivals, the Arkansas Razorbacks scheduled to square off with the LSU Tigers, and the Alabama Crimson Tide and...

Where Should the Georgia Bulldogs Turn if Greg McGarity Must Replace Mark Richt as Head Coach? (Part Two)


The last four weeks have turned up the heat on Mark Richt's seat. Dawg Sports counsels caution, yet suggests two possible candidates in case the Georgia Bulldogs are in the market for a new head...

BlogPoll Ballot Time: Why in the World Should I Rank Any of These Teams?


Voters are beginning to assemble their preseason college football BlogPoll ballots. Dawg Sports identifies a handful of teams that may not deserve to be ranked . . . including the Georgia Bulldogs.

Are the Florida State Seminoles Better Off That Mark Richt is the Head Coach of the Georgia Bulldogs?


Some among the Florida State faithful are claiming that the Seminoles are better off that Mark Richt is the head coach of the Georgia Bulldogs. Dawg Sports demonstrates why such FSU fans are...

Jimbo Fisher Is Putting Together a Solid Seminole Recruiting Class


Personally, I'd rather see Miami and South Florida be the Sunshine State risers of the 2010s, because we recruit against the 'Canes and Bulls less frequently than against the 'Noles, but personnel upgrades at Florida State are, on balance, good for the 'Dawgs, since every four- or five-star Floridian who ends up in Tallahassee is a four- or five-star Floridian we won't wind up facing in Jacksonville. Go 'Dawgs!

Just In Case You Were Still Fretting About Mark Richt . . .


. . . Jimbo Fisher signed his contract to become the new head coach at Florida State with scarcely a ripple. Go 'Dawgs!

Could Big Ten Expansion Force the SEC to Bring In a New School?


The Big Ten is looking at expansion and the Missouri Tigers are interested. If a move by Mizzou forces the Big 12 to add longtime SWC member Arkansas, which team should the SEC bring in to replace...

Week Six BlogPoll Ballot Draft


This week's Dawg Sports BlogPoll ballot draft features a special treat . . . it has been sanitized, sensitized, and politically corrected so it (like the Georgia Bulldogs) will provide no offense!

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