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Florida To Face Michigan in 2017 Cowboys Classic


It's a big step for the Florida program.

On Will Muschamp, Florida Football, and Everything


The head ball coach in Gainesville is feeling heat.

The Georgia Bulldogs, the Southeastern Conference, and Having a Sense of Urgency About Chasing National Championships


The SEC claimed national championships in several sports, including basketball and football, in the 2011-'12 academic year, yet the Georgia Bulldogs won exactly none of them. What needs to happen...

Georgia Bulldogs' Athletic Director Scores a 9.9 in Women's Gymnastics But Is Charged With an Error in Baseball


Georgia Bulldogs athletic director Greg McGarity acted decisively when firing Jay Clark and replacing him with Danna Durante, so why is he failing to do likewise regarding David Perno, Foley Field,...

Jay Clark Resigns as Gym Dogs' Head Coach; Greg McGarity Passes First Major Test as Georgia Athletic Director


Georgia athletic director Greg McGarity has accepted Jay Clark's resignation as head coach of the Gym Dogs. While regrettable, the move was necessary, and McGarity passed his first major test as...

Why Florida Football Never Goes West


Florida football doesn't travel west because of home game requirements, a regular season neutral site series, and big opponents in its home state.

The Rules of College Football Coaching Searches


Here are the rules of college football coaching searches.

McGarity's Old Boss May Support Him on Preserving Rivalries


Florida sources say the Gators are interested in preserving their yearly series with LSU. That feared 10-4 vote may be a 9-5 vote, or more likely even an 8-6 vote (since new Eastern Division member Missouri wants to play new Western Division member Texas A&M every autumn), which would mean skilled athletic directors Greg McGarity and Jeremy Foley only need to bring along two more votes. Stay tuned. . . . Go 'Dawgs!

It's That Time Of Year Again


Corch Urban Meyer is hanging it up. Stoops to Florida! Guffaw. Dan Mullen is the guy, right? Please do yourself a favor and follow @LSUFreek.

USC: "I'm Shocked, Shocked That Player Tampering is Going On!"


Last month the NCAA slammed USC with a two-year bowl ban along with a loss of scholarships for "a lack of institutional control" in the Reggie Bush fiasco. Because of the sanctions, USC...

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