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Keystone Tops


Robinson Cano has already earned a place among best second basemen in Yankee history. (AP) With Roberto Alomar being inducted into the...

Rant Box: Chelsea v. Sunderland


No, this photo has absolutely nothing to do with today's match. KTBFFH

Retired NFL players ignored, exploited


The main link is Jaworski advocating medical benefits for retired players suffering from play related disabilities. "They deserve some compensation for that, and they deserve medical benefits, and they deserve treatment for all the issues that former players are now dealing with. We all know the life expectancy of former NFL players is less than a normal human being." Anti-Florio readers, read here Read this in the Wichita Eagle this morning, "by Amy Forliti-Associated Press" but she got deleted in the SI version here: "Nelson has handled NFL issues before. As a magistrate, she helped with settlement negotiations in a case filed by retired NFL players, who claimed the league was exploiting their images to promote the league and NFL memorabilia without paying them. The case was transferred once Nelson became a judge and is still pending." I haven't heard anything about this. But if you watch the NFL Network, how often do you see Johnny Unitas' face or other players in the promos for the network? Must be all the time because I've got that image of Johnny setting up to pass without a helmet on burned on my brain. Don't they deserve something for helping the NFL make a ton of money in 2011?

Kentucky Basketball: Devastating Deja Vu


The 2010 Kentucky Wildcat's basketball team is beginning to look eerily familiar.

Jaws turns 35

Jaws turns 35 years old this week. No, it isn't sports history, but in 35 years, this cinematic masterpiece has done a lot for the movie industry.

Kyle Gets Contrary: The N.F.L., the S.E.C., and the Need for Less Math


Did the SEC reign supreme at the NFL Draft? MGoBlog's Brian Cook and Dr. Saturday's Matt Hinton caution their readers to do the math. T. Kyle King of Dawg Sports explains why division only...

Thursday Morning Links


Morning links from St. Louis Game Time.

Bills/Chiefs: Keys to a Bills Victory


  Buffalo Bills (5-5) at Kansas City Chiefs (1-9)Sunday, November 23, 2008, 1PM EST - Arrowhead Stadium After 4 straight losses, the Bills look to finally rebound and return to the win column.  On...

Jaws agrees with Lewis and Cribbs


via Football Outsiders. I'm looking forward to MNF even moreso now, as we may get a glimpse on who Jaws is referring to: "He said he'll have an eye on those players during Monday night's game at Buffalo and will point it out during the broadcast if he sees it again."

Atlanta Falcons Lose Out To Awful Jaws Sequel


Through no fault of their own, the Atlanta Falcons keep finding new lows to plummet through, kinda like a rhino through a pagoda. This time it's the NFL's typically arcane policy on games that...

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