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In Defense of the Defense

A breakdown of how turnovers, special teams, and a lackluster offense impacted the loss to Vandy.

Of Expectations and Perceptions: The Curious Case of the Georgia Bulldogs' Isaiah Crowell

Highly-touted tailback Isaiah Crowell left fans feeling frustrated after his freshman season with the Georgia Bulldogs. Dawg Sports wonders whether college football fans should be more appreciative of the prize recruit's rookie campaign.

A Quick Take on My Lunch Break: Thoughts on the Caleb King Arrest

Georgia Bulldogs running back Caleb King was arrested on a bench warrant issued after the football player failed to pay a speeding ticket. How big a deal is this? Dawg Sports says: not very.

Georgia Bulldogs Disband Athletics Program (Bring Your Sense of Humor!)

Dawg Sports presents a sarcastic report explaining the fictitious incident causing the Georgia Bulldogs to disband their athletics program. Yes, this is a joke.

Why There is No Cause for Concern That the Georgia Bulldogs Are a "Rogue Program" Under Mark Richt

In the wake of Zach Mettenberger's dismissal, many are asking whether the Georgia Bulldogs are out of control. David Hale has compiled the facts and figures, and, as Dawg Sports explains, they demonstrate that Mark Richt's disciplinary record deserves a favorable grade.

Florida Gators 41, Georgia Bulldogs 17: I Saw Her Today at the Cocktail Party, A Glass of Wine in Her Hand

The Georgia Bulldogs' lopsided loss to the Florida Gators in the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party was a sobering experience leading inevitably to one conclusion: changes must be made to the Red and Black coaching staff.

Why I Don't Want to See "Jim Donnan" and "Georgia Bulldogs" in the Same Story Ever Again

Jim Donnan will be inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame this summer. Dawg Sports wants to make it perfectly clear that this is for Coach Donnan's years with the Marshall Thundering Herd and has nothing whatsoever to do with his five seasons with the Georgia Bulldogs.

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