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T Kyle King Reviews Study Hall

T Kyle King Reviews Study Hall

Has the Mark Richt "Hot Seat" Nonsense Resumed?

Is Mark Richt back on the hot seat? Is Mark Fox on the verge of leading the Georgia Bulldogs to the CBI? These questions are up for discussion on this Slow News Day Tuesday.

Tuesday Midday Dawg Bites: Bubba Watson, Barry Switzer, and Broken Marriages Edition

Bubba Watson is getting ready for the U.S. Open, Mark Richt landed another commitment on the college football recruiting trail, and a former Georgia Bulldogs swimmer qualified for the Olympics. Get up to speed on all the news with "Dawg Bites."

How the SEC and the Big 12 Should Go About Setting Up a College Football Scheduling Agreement

The SEC and the Big 12 have agreed to a January bowl pairing, so can a college football scheduling arrangement be far behind? Dawg Sports examines how such pairings might work between two 14-member leagues.

SB Nation Launches YouTube Channel

Because you know you’re not getting enough of them already at SB Nation Atlanta and Every Day Should Be Saturday, respectively, you’ll want to check out Jason Kirk and Spencer Hall on "Shutdown...

SEC Football Coaches Reveal Their Superstitions

College football fans are notoriously superstitious about sports, and some SEC coaches are just as ritualistic as the folks cheering in the stands. Should fans of the Georgia Bulldogs be worried that Mark Richt apparently has no superstitions?

Mid-Afternoon Dawg Bites: Soccer Karma, David Greene, and How We Could be Heroes Just for One Game

What is on tap for the Georgia Bulldogs this weekend? How 'bout karma from the U.S. men's national soccer team, Kellen Moore's bid to overtake David Greene, and the names of some of the Red and Black's rivalries? They're all there in Friday afternoon's edition of Dawg bites.

Why Did the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Drop the Ball on the Demaryius Thomas Story?

The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets were placed on NCAA probation following a 20-month investigation into the Institute's football and men's basketball programs. Dawg Sports wants to know why the Atlanta Journal-Constitution failed to report the story until the day sanctions were announced.

Reports of Hines Ward's DUI Arrest Suggest the Former Georgia Bulldogs Star Is Innocent

Hines Ward, the Georgia Bulldogs standout, Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl MVP, and "Dancing with the Stars" champion, was arrested for misdemeanor DUI in the Atlanta area this weekend. He is legally entitled to the presumption of innocence, and the initial reports have convinced Dawg Sports that this presumption in Ward's favor is entirely appropriate.


We Are Approaching M-Minute of H-Hour of G-Day

Are you planning on making the trip to Athens this Saturday? If so, you aren't the only one, as Matthew Stafford will be on hand, as well. (Jason Kirk listed a few more potential invitees, too, but...

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