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Programming Note: Dawg Sports to Appear on ESPNU's "UNITE" Tonight!


If all goes according to plan, I will be making my second appearance on ESPNU's "UNITE," which will air at midnight Eastern tonight. Go 'Dawgs!

Will Muschamp Continues to Go Out of His Way to Make an Ass of Himself


Not only did he guarantee a Cocktail Party victory, but he made fun of the idea of marrying a Georgia fan. For the record, Will Muschamp is a University of Georgia graduate whose wife is from Thomaston and whose brother coaches in Atlanta. At the time of their wedding, Coach Muschamp's wife married a Georgia fan; apparently, he thinks Mrs. Muschamp chose her mate poorly. I would tend to agree. I'll tell you what, Will. If we're that bad, you turncoat son of a bitch, how 'bout you don't come up here and recruit, either? Just stay out of the state altogether; I'll be happy to keep the game in Jacksonville just to keep you on your side of the state line. Coach Chump is rapidly working his way up into Pat Dye territory for me. And don't even get me started on people who get married during football season. . . . Go 'Dawgs!

Spencer Hall Has Had a Hundred Random Thoughts


Pertinent for our purposes are these: "83. Georgia's Mark Richt will continue to heat up his scorching hot seat by winning 10 games on the year. In Georgia, 'hot' means 'comfortably cool,' a confusion leading to many assuming the frigid city of Atlanta is in fact 'hot.' This could not be further from the truth! Show up for summer visits in heavy wool. You won't regret it. . . . "44. Georgia has no reason to do anything but throw the ball 15 times a game and run the daylights out of Caleb King and Washaun Ealey, especially given their deep and experienced offensive line. "43. They will do exactly the opposite of this, and will lose again to Florida in Jacksonville. . . . "6. Georgia WR AJ Green will continue to have better production than Alabama WR Julio Jones despite having Joe Cox and redshirt freshman Aaron Murray throwing to him in successive seasons. Direct all hatemail to Your Mom's House, Alabama fans, since that's where I will be." Go 'Dawgs!

Jimbo Fisher Is Putting Together a Solid Seminole Recruiting Class


Personally, I'd rather see Miami and South Florida be the Sunshine State risers of the 2010s, because we recruit against the 'Canes and Bulls less frequently than against the 'Noles, but personnel upgrades at Florida State are, on balance, good for the 'Dawgs, since every four- or five-star Floridian who ends up in Tallahassee is a four- or five-star Floridian we won't wind up facing in Jacksonville. Go 'Dawgs!

Good Piece on the Georgia-Florida Rivalry


I don't know what "Vince Dooley successfully campaigned twice in the '80s to get Florida put on probation" means (it's not like Vince was an NCAA darling his ownself, and isn't hiring Charley Pell proof enough that you're cheating?), and the final score of the 1942 game was 75-0, but it's some good stuff, even if it's nothing new to Dawg Sports readers. All things considered, it's fair and balanced. Gators, by the way, eat boogers. Just so you know. Go 'Dawgs!

Alligator Army Advocates Moving the Cocktail Party


Judging by the poll voting thus far, his devil's advocacy hasn't persuaded his readership, which is a good thing. Frankly, after the way those people behaved in 1995, I hope we don't invite 'em back to campus for another 63 years. Giant Catfish's comment after the posting is pure comedy gold . . . unless he wasn't being ironic? (If he was being serious, all I can say to him is, if you don't get help at Charter, get help somewhere.) Go 'Dawgs!

Good news: SEC picks up Gator Bowl tie-in


Bad news: Big Ten gets opposite slot. Great. 'Cause what we needed was another SEC/Big Ten matchup in the Sunshine State. While I'm all for sending a Southeastern Conference team to Jacksonville for the postseason, I'd much rather see us face a Big 12 or Pac-10 (or even ACC or Big East) opponent by the St. John's River. Still, to paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, half a loaf is better than no bread; if we cannot secure all our bowl tie-ins, let us secure what we can. Go 'Dawgs!



While I was a student in Athens, I actually attended a party that (due to noise complaints from the neighbors to the authorities) had to be moved. We had to coordinate the logistics of sorting out those sober enough to drive, those transporting the potables, and those who were, um, unable to produce identification demonstrating that they were, in fact, 21 years of age. (I'm sure they just left their wallets in their other pants.) Honestly, it was a logistical feat every bit as impressive as an orderly military retreat to box up a party, move it to another apartment complex, and pick up where we left off, but the lesson I learned was that, all other things being equal, you'd rather not have to relocate a cocktail party in medias res. I'm not the only one who learned that lesson in the Classic City. The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party is staying put. Go 'Dawgs!

D-Day for the Cocktail Party


A decision likely will be made today whether to keep the game in Jacksonville or make other arrangements. I'm all for maintaining the tradition (and the recruiting beachhead it provides in South Georgia and North Florida), but, even if I weren't, the way those people behaved in 1995 left me strongly convinced that we shouldn't invite them back to Athens for another 63 years. Go 'Dawgs!

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