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So Much for That "Friendly Rivalry": Why the Georgia Bulldogs and the Auburn Tigers Hate Each Other, and Should


For years, some folks have described the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry as a "friendly rivalry" in college football. Dawg Sports knows better, and explains why the Georgia Bulldogs and the Auburn...

The NCAA gets some unwanted attention


Things have been quiet on the O.J. Mayo front as far as the investigation goes but there is an interesting piece in LAT that gives us a bit of the picture at how weird this case really is. I have...

Former Mayo Agent Suspended by the NBA for improprieties involving Mayo


I am surprised that there wasn't more coverage of this. . . . . I saw this on Thursday but with the football season opener upon us I didn't want to lose focus or dampen the anticipation of the...

Make it above board!


Thanks to a commenter, I found a great new website: Money Players - The Money. The Players. The business of professional sports, from high school to college to the pros. There is some great...

Here come the Feds!


So, now the feds are going to look into the Mayo mess Special agents for the FBI and IRS and members of U.S. Attorney's office have launched a joint investigation into "possible income tax evasion...

Huggins knew about Mayo, and he did nothing??


I caught this over the weekend but wanted to wait so I could enjoy the holiday,  but with everyone else commenting I'll jump in. I'm shocked...just shocked, I didn't know. Bob Huggins, defender of...

Part of the Problem


An interesting development in the Mayo mess. The investigation by the National Basketball Players Association into whether monetary gifts were provided by a sports agency to NBA draft prospect...

Mayo cuts ties with BDA


Uhhh…I think the Horse already left the barn Jesus, you gotta love the timing of this one . O.J. Mayo has terminated his relationship with Calvin Andrews and Bill Duffy Associates, ESPN has...

Going on the Offensive


Regardless of where the Mayo and Bush situations end up USC needs to go on the offensive. I don’t mean in trying to spin this but to ensure that USC interests are protected in the future. A lot of...

Wilbon Comes Around


Then he becomes an enabler. Not that it really matters... When Michael Wilbon ripped OJ Mayo last year on PTI calling him a "punk" I was pretty stunned. Of all the people in the media who...

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