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Bubba Watson's 2012 Masters Victory: What It Means to Bulldog Nation


Former University of Georgia golfer Bubba Watson won a dramatic sudden-death playoff to claim the 2012 Masters. Dawg Sports examines what the PGA Tour major championship means to Bulldog Nation.

The Manchurian Captain: Did Monty Help the US With His Picks?


Waiting with bated breath, so many of on both sides of the Atlantic awaited Colin Montgomerie's announcement of his three captain's picks for the Ryder Cup team. The announcement was originally set...

Former Captain Azinger Gives Euros A Lil Bulletin Board Material


Earlier this evening, former Ryder Cup Captain - and all around great Tweeter - Paul Azinger gave a little bulletin board material to Ian Poulter and the prospective European team.

Ian Poulter Says He Didn't See No Stinkin' Local Rules Sheets


Ian Poulter - who withdrew before the final round due to illness and allowed Jeff Overton to play in 2 hours, 9 minutes on Sunday - tweeted that he didn't see a copy of the local rules posted in...

Ryder Cup Bulletin Board Material - Poulter: American Dominance Over


Ian Poulter has no reservations - just like Anthony Bourdain - about saying what is on his mind or expressing his feelings. From flipping off the crowd at Scottsdale's famed 16th to complaining...

The Decider: The Dangers of Tweeting in the Public Eye


Twitter has been excellent for our sport because it allows golf fans to communicate with players, writers to talk with both readers and players, and the service itself has turned into a place where...

Easy Thursday, Tough Friday: The New Masters MO?


Last year in the Masters, Thursday pin locations last year were set up in the easiest possible locations on several holes. In some ways, it artificially lowered scoring. Friday scoring was tougher...

Has Rachel Uchitel Moved On to Ian Poulter?*


A photograph from purported the birthday party for Tiger mistress Rachel Uchitel shows she may have moved on without the golf superstar and onto another.

Ian Poulter Was Invited to His Own Pants Party at Doral


On Friday in the second round of the CA Championship, Ian Poulter's adoring fans lined the 10th tee all donning pants like their hero.

How Young Guns Can Think Backwards: Cash Before Titles


Gary Player's cautionary tale about young players and their lack of focus should be heeded by Tour players looking to live up to their hype.

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