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"Texts From Hillary" Internet meme started by two guys in a gay sports bar


Photo: Kevin Lamarque for Reuters If you have been on Facebook for even a minute this past week, it's been impossible not to see the latest...

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Sorry For All the Football from Fox Sports 1


Do you dream of bathing in an unending wave of college football goodness? Do you ever feel like you just see too much of your girlfriend, the sun or your Jack Russell, Bo?  If so, do we have...

Goodell Set to Suspend for Clinton Concussion


NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is set to hand out suspensions following news that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton suffered a concussion earlier today.

State Department: No secret plan to invade Canada

The U.S. and Mexico are not secretly planning to invade Canada, a State Department spokeswoman confirmed to laughter during a daily press briefing. Spokeswoman Victoria Nuland was taking questions from journalists about its activities Tuesday, which included a meeting between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Mexico Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa. She was asked about "a signing ceremony" with Espinosa – what was being signed and why was the ceremony not open to the press. The journalist asked, "This isn’t some secret thing … to invade Canada or something like that?" The U.S. did draw up a secret plan to invade Canada in 1935, codenamed "War Plan Red," some of which was accidentally published by mistake and reported by The New York Times. There is also a website called www.invadecanada.us, which lists reasons such as connecting the mainland U.S. with Alaska, "they’re just a little too proud," and "they stole our basketball teams."

Don't Bet On It!: College Football Predictions for the National Games of Interest


This weekend, the Oregon Ducks host the California Golden Bears, the Boise State Broncos visit the Fresno State Bulldogs, and the Oklahoma Sooners square off with the Texas Longhorns. Dawg Sports...

Obama Ballin' With the Tar Heels


The Democratic candidates are in our backyard here in North Carolina campaigning for next Tuesday's primary. While Hillary was off doing whatever hobbies Hillary likes to do at 7:15AM, Barack Obama...

This Democratic Race Is Straight Ballin'


Either the NBA is suddenly so big that it's relevant to presidential politics, or the Democratic race has gotten so petty, it's akin to basketball. You see what you want. Either way, it's pretty...

Losing My Religion: Why Georgia Bulldogs Fans Should Abandon All Hope


Dawg Sports has identified the source of the Georgia Bulldogs' two years of malaise in multiple sports, and the solution is clear. It is time for Bulldog Nation to abandon all hope.

Georgia Bulldogs 17, Georgia Bulldogs 7: Notes from the 2010 G-Day Game


T. Kyle King attended the 2010 G-Day game with his wife and their children, and he came away from the Georgia Bulldogs' intra-squad spring scrimmage with several impressions, including thoughts on...

How to Get My Presidential Vote


Barack Obama comes out for the Heels. Just one of the, well, one advantage North Carolina gets for having a late primary. I'm wondering what his Illini constituents are thinking about this pick. Is...

Let's Off The Bud Light Dude Man (before it really happens)


They were cute the first time, the Dude Man in the Bud Light commercials. We've seen him respond to cutting in line, his buddy ordering wine at the bar, stealing Joe Buck's beer, and listening to...

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