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Vote for Herschel

This is your chance to cast a ballot for the Goal Line Stalker to be included in the SB Nation college football hall of fame. I'm not lobbying you to do so, after the inexplicable initial snub, and I've demoted the similar fanshots about Champ Bailey and David Pollack back to the sidebar due to recently raised doubts about the seriousness with which this hall ought to be regarded, but I voted for Walker, and, if you're still interested in this exercise, you should, too. In the interests of equal time, the commissioner's explanation of the process is here for your consideration. I encourage you to read it, so that you might make fully informed judgments after considering all positions on these issues. Go 'Dawgs!

Two DGDs!

Dang if Aaron Murray doesn't look as big as Herschel!

Herschel Walker Getting Ready for Saturday Night's MMA Fight

Yeah, he's 48, but he's in great shape, and let's face it: Herschel is what we have left as an athletics program. Go 'Dawgs!

Is Herschel Walker Ready for His Upcoming MMA Fight?

Uh, yeah. Forget recruiting Isaiah Crowell. Let's work on getting the NCAA to allow Herschel to use his remaining year of collegiate eligibility 20 years later. Go 'Dawgs!

Dr. Saturday Gives the Goal Line Stalker His Due

Our editorial policy here at Dawg Sports is simple: if you write something nice about Herschel Walker, you get a link. Go 'Dawgs!

Another Georgia Football Player Appears on "The Celebrity Apprentice"

First, Herschel Walker appeared on the show with Donald Trump, who technically was the Goal Line Stalker's first employer after college. Now, Bill Goldberg (who, having attained post-football fame as a professional wrestler using only one name, now is referred to strictly by his surname, calling to mind the respectful references to Lynyrd Skynyrd as "Skynyrd") is following in Walker's footsteps. Georgia football players from the 1980s . . . they'll serve as business understudies to Donald Trump and beat the crap out of you in the ring! Go 'Dawgs!

I Would Pay to See Herschel Walker Pound Jose Canseco

Jose Canseco gets beaten up and Herschel Walker gets a victory. Jose Canseco is the only person in America who doesn't think that's a win-win scenario. Go 'Dawgs!

Behold the Enduring Power of Herschel Walker

When he's done with MMA, I want the Goal Line Stalker to come back to Georgia and run for governor. Go 'Dawgs!

I Laughed; I Cried; It Became a Part of Me

Well done, Spencer. The only thing you missed was devoting as much time to the red britches as you did to the all-orange Tennessee uniforms. Man, I miss the red road britches. Go 'Dawgs!

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