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Georgia Bulldogs Legend Herschel Walker Celebrates His 50th Birthday Today!


Georgia Bulldogs legend Herschel Walker celebrates his 50th birthday today, and Dawg Sports has a plan for how to commemorate the Goal Line Stalker's special day.

Happy Birthday, Aaron Murray . . . But, Whatever You Do, Don't Celebrate It!


Happy birthday, Aaron Murray! The Georgia Bulldogs’ starting quarterback turns 21 today, so, if you happen to see him today, wish him a happy birthday, but, for crying out loud, don’t buy him a...

Georgia Bulldogs Basketball Coach Mark Fox Celebrates 42nd Birthday


Although he wasn't happy with last night's loss by the Georgia Bulldogs men's basketball team, Mark Fox has something to celebrate today: his 42nd birthday.

It's Too Bad It's a Saturday, Because Today Ought to be a Holiday in Bulldog Nation


Dawg Sports wishes Georgia Bulldogs receiver A.J. Green a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, David Pollack!


My memory isn't what it used to be, as evidenced by the fact that I forgot two birthdays today. My brother-in-law, Travis Rice, turned 36 today, and it completely slipped my mind until Facebook reminded me. Likewise, I absolutely missed the fact that today was David Pollack's birthday until Bernie called it to my attention. Thanks, Bernie . . . and happy birthday, No. 47. Go 'Dawgs!

Tuesday Night Dawg Bites


Why is Chris Kiffin USC-bound? How nonsensical was Paul Finebaum's latest column? Who celebrates a birthday this week? Find out in Tuesday night's Dawg bites.

As Mark Richt Turns 50, the Georgia Bulldogs Turn a Corner


Today should have been a holiday in Bulldog Nation: Georgia head football coach Mark Richt turned 50. Dawg Sports explains why the Red and Black skipper's landmark birthday marks a positive...

Happy 50th Birthday, Mark Richt!


I can't believe I forgot. . . . Dang, I'm slipping. . . . Go 'Dawgs!

Happy Birthday to a Damn Good 'Dawg


Bulldog Nation sends its best wishes to Georgia alumnus Kirby Smart on his birthday.

Happy Birthday to Damon Evans and Aaron Murray, Two Damn Good 'Dawgs!


Every loyal citizen of Bulldog Nation should take the time today to celebrate the birthday of both Damon Evans and Aaron Murray.

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