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ClumsyPoll: Anderson Silva's return will be...?

Anderson's return will be....stunning? cringe-worthy? apocalyptic? There are two big potential comebacks, and one of them isn't happening because cutting weight makes him sh*t diamonds. ...


Poll: The most egregious ducking of Sonnen.

Undefeated and undisputed. Many have run, what was the most appalling travesty? Jon Jones is the most famous ducker. Jones wouldn't take Chael on a week's notice, even after a full and...


ClumsyPoll: Fedor's Most Impressive Win.

Welcome to a realm of pure EPIC. We look at Fedor Emelianenko - widely (and rightly) considered the greatest mma fighter of all time. Often the smaller fighter, he found a way versus many greats,...



In what has to be his most laid back, yet decidedly candid QnA, Anderson Silva talks about his loss to Chris Weidman, fighting Roy Jones, super fights and a host of other topics in this 30 minute WHOA! TV video exclusive.

OTTR Supplemental 1: What Makes a Great Wrestler?

This supplemental broadcast (recorded 100% live) features Rex & Mike chatting for about an hour on what makes a genuinely great wrestler, why wrestlers would or wouldn't be in their top tier when...


Why Jerry Rice is NOT the Greatest of All Time and The Case for Don Hutson

via upload.wikimedia.org Jerry Rice. To even the most minimally initiated football fan, the name rings familiar. To long-time fans, the name commands a sort of reverence. The title of...


GOAT: Jerry Rice - Digital Illustration

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UFC 134 Results: Anderson Silva Erases Any Doubts About His All-Time Status


Some wondered before UFC 134 who the best fighter of all time was. Wonder no more - Anderson Silva made his case for all time honors with a dominating win over Yushin Okami.

A Modest (Read: Humorous) Proposal for Resolving the Georgia Bulldogs' Mascot Conundrum


Fans of the Georgia Bulldogs are anxious heading into the 2011 college football season, in which there will not be an official Uga on the sideline to start the autumn. Dawg Sports has a humorous...

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