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Liberty Bowl Travelogue (Day One): Making Our Way to Memphis to See the Georgia Bulldogs Play


T. Kyle King of Dawg Sports has taken his family to Memphis to see the Georgia Bulldogs take on the Central Florida Knights in the Liberty Bowl. Follow the Kings on their trip through the Liberty...

2010 Liberty Bowl Too Much Information: Georgia Bulldogs v. Central Florida Knights


On New Year's Eve, the Georgia Bulldogs will encounter the Central Florida Knights in the Liberty Bowl. Dawg Sports offers "Too Much Information" on the final game of the Red and Black's college...

Don't Bet On It!: 2010-2011 College Football Bowl Predictions (Part V)


The SEC will have college football conference bragging rights on the line when the Alabama Crimson Tide, Florida Gators, and South Carolina Gamecocks take the field for bowl games on New Year's Eve...

Georgia Bulldogs to Meet Central Florida Knights in Liberty Bowl: Who Are These Guys, Anyway?


The Georgia Bulldogs are scheduled to face the Central Florida Knights in the Liberty Bowl on New Year's Eve. Dawg Sports begins examining the matchup between the two college football teams.

Don't Bet On It!: Week 14 College Football Forecasts for the National Games of Interest and Around the SEC


It's championship week in college football, and Dawg Sports is picking the winners of all the conference title games, around the country and in the SEC, in "Don't Bet On It!"

Georgia Bulldogs Appear Liberty Bowl-Bound to Face Conference USA Champ; Is This a Good Thing?


Following a 6-6 college football season, the Georgia Bulldogs likely are Memphis-bound to face the Conference USA champion in the Liberty Bowl. Dawg Sports attempts to make the best of a...

SEC Power Poll (Week Eleven): Rankings Pending Outcome of NCAA Investigation


The college football pecking order in the Southeastern Conference increasingly is becoming clear, as Dawg Sports outlines in the SEC Power Poll.

BlogPoll Ballot Time: Why in the World Should I Rank Any of These Teams?


Voters are beginning to assemble their preseason college football BlogPoll ballots. Dawg Sports identifies a handful of teams that may not deserve to be ranked . . . including the Georgia Bulldogs.

If anyone is absorbing any real damage, it's head coach George O'Leary, whose critics can now add...


If anyone is absorbing any real damage, it's head coach George O'Leary, whose critics can now add "probation" to the pile of logs fueling the fire under his office chair. UCF took a chance on O'Leary after he was infamously fired from Notre Dame after two days on the job for falsifying his resumé in 2001, and has been repaid with the burden of a mediocre record, a wrongful death suit following the death of a player during an unusually strenuous offseason workout, the collapse of a second player during another workout less than a year later (that player, running back Brandon Davis, recovered to contribute in two games last fall) and a petty feud with the local media. During O'Leary's otherwise successful stint at Georgia Tech in the nineties, the Yellow Jackets were cited by the NCAA for playing ineligible players, and an offensive lineman accused the coach of siccing four defensive linemen on him as punishment for missing too many blocks.

Former Georgia Tech coach George O'Leary has gotten another program into trouble with the NCAA.

Is Tennessee Close to Hiring David Cutcliffe?


It's looking that way, and, if it turns out to be the case, it's a good hire. David Cutcliffe has been a successful SEC head coach (one bad season at Ole Miss that got him undeservedly canned notwithstanding), he has been relatively effective at Duke (albeit not at Spurrier-scary levels), and, unlike Lane Kiffin, he regards Knoxville as an ultimate destination rather than a way station. Coach Cutcliffe isn't a splashy pick, but his history with the Vols suggests that he was to Phillip Fulmer as Ralph Friedgen was to George O'Leary or Erskine Russell was to Vince Dooley. The Fridge went on to have some stellar seasons at Maryland (though not lately) and Erk had a Hall of Fame-worthy career in Statesboro from start to finish. If Tennessee is looking to strike fear into the hearts of rival fans, David Cutcliffe isn't the way to go, but, frankly, every guy they might have gotten who would have frightened me (Will Muschamp, Charlie Strong, Tommy Tuberville) is off the table, so they should opt for restoring their program to respectability. David Cutcliffe does that. Go 'Dawgs!

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