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BLOG: Restoring the power of positive thinking

Pessimism has ruled the IndyCar series for so long, some don't know how to live without it. But 2012 will be a year when many can finally escape its weight.

THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT to be streamed LIVE at 10:00AM ET Friday

Ladies and gentlemen, start your heart medication! THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT for 2012 will take place tomorrow at 10:00AM Eastern time, and you can see it all LIVE at IndyCar.com. Don't miss out!

Don't Bet On It!: National Games of Interest

Dawg Sports picks the Iowa-Wisconsin, Georgia Tech-Virginia Tech, and Oklahoma-Texas games in this week's national edition of "Don't Bet On It!"

Buick & PGA Tour Make Official Their Awkward Break Up

The PGA Tour & Buick released a joint statement that pronounced their decades long relationship dead. Their awkward break up creates a weird situation for both of them and golf fans.

Lead Draft Friday: Fan Fears of Big Three Meltdown

Big Three woes spook racing fans.

PGA Tour Getting Its Sponsor Ducks in Order

The PGA Tour has been discussing sponsorship opportunities with other companies in the event that current sponsors go under, file for bankruptcy, and/or become unable to perform their sponsor fiduciary duties.

Tiger Woods and GM to End Relationship

In watching the testimony given by the chairs of the automotive Big Three on Capitol Hill last week - and hearing them chastised for showing up to DC aboard private jets - it was only a matter of time before the autos began their sports marketing pull out. Among the victims is the world's most recognized athlete. General Motors announced today that is was ending its nine year relationship with Tiger Woods.

The Economy is SOO Bad...

The economy is so bad that the PGA Tour might be taking away courtesy cars next season. The status of free cars to professional golfers on a Tour in which nearly half the players earned $1 million last season has to be considered a bellweather for the rest of the country. Actually, if you think about it, it's true. Doug Ferguson explains.

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