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Happy Thanksgiving, Bulldog Nation!

It's Thanksgiving Day in America, and few in the United States are as blessed as those fortunate souls residing in Bulldog Nation. It's time for the Georgia Bulldogs faithful to share the reasons...

Shoeless Joe Jackson talks about the Black Sox scandal of 1919


"I had been acquitted by a twelve-man jury in a civil court of all charges and I was an innocent man in the records. I have never made any request to be reinstated in baseball, and I have never made any campaign to have my name cleared in the baseball records. This is not a plea of any kind. This is just my story." from the October 1949 issue of Sport Magazine

Don't Bet On It!: Week Three College Football Forecasts Around the SEC


This weekend's SEC college football action includes showdowns between LSU and Mississippi State, Auburn and Clemson, and Florida and Tennessee. Dawg Sports predicts the outcomes in Don't Bet On It!

No One Told Wally Butts Jacksonville Was Hotter For Us Than For Them


In recent years, some Georgia Bulldogs fans have whined that Jacksonville is not truly a neutral site for the annual Cocktail Party showdown with the Florida Gators. Former Georgia coach Wally...

If Tiger Talked to FHP on December 1, Why Did We Learn It on December 30?


The natural question has to be asked in light of reports of Tiger Woods' December 1 meeting with FHP. Why did we find out now, on December 30?

UPDATE: Furman Bisher Posted the Tiger Story Because He's Bored (And Now Tells You To Get Out)


Waggle Room explores why the chain letter email about the real story of Tiger Woods' Thanksgiving night was legitimized when a 92 year old retired writer posted it on his low traffic blog.

Time To Give Thanks...


There is much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. This story looks at all the many things in sports that brings us blessings.

This Parody Isn't Perfect . . .


. . . because it doesn't mention Homer Rice. Otherwise, though, it's scarily, hilariously accurate. (Hat tip: kleph.) Go 'Dawgs! Auburna delenda est!

Don't Bet On It!: Around the SEC


This week's SEC slate is less than spectacular outside of the Alabama Crimson Tide's matchup with the LSU Tigers, but that didn't stop Dawg Sports from picking every game on the schedule in "Don't...

Why the Georgia Bulldogs Will Reclaim the State Championship from the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets in 2009


Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson was in 2009 what Pepper Rodgers was for the Yellow Jackets in 1974. Unfortunately for the Ramblin' Wreck, the Georgia Bulldogs will remember in 2009 what they...

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