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Georgia Miscues Cost Bulldogs SEC Softball Title as Red and Black Fall to Lady Vols in Extra Innings


The Georgia Bulldogs built up a 4-0 first inning lead in the SEC Softball Tournament championship game, but the Tennessee Volunteers used a pair of Red and Black errors to eke out a win in extra...

Matt Palmer Gets the W in 16 Inning Angels Win


The Angels won in 16 innings 4-3 over the Indians. The terrible Halo offense managed 6 hits the whole game.

MLB Extra Innings free-preview from July 15-21.


As is their custom, the folks at iN DEMAND are offering up Extra Innings free for the first week following the All-Star game. They are also selling a half-season package for $139. Which I know is something all the out-of-market O's fans will care about, because you'd rather see Buck Showalter in hi-def, right? I mean, the laptop just isn't going to cut it when he starts managing.

Lou Piniella Loses Game For Cubs; Marlins' 6-Run 10th Inning Makes Final Score 8-2

Recap of the Cubs' 8-2 loss to the Marlins on Thursday, April 30.

Konerko Delivers KO in 15th


In July of 2003, benched and mired in a 0-15 slump, Paul Konerko was called upon as a pinch hitter with lefty Eddie Guardado on the mound in extra innings. Konerko saw only one pitch, tying the...

We'll Have An Extra-Inning Ballgame Today

Those of "a certain age" will remember that as Jack Brickhouse's pat phrase whenever the game would go past nine innings. Recently, Len & Bob mentioned that they thought there had been a...

Bullish Pen


The majority of the credit for this win has to go to the bullpen. Coming off a home stand in which they completely shut out the opposition over 12 innings, the White Sox bullpen was handed a one...

Open Thread: Game 29 - A's at Tampa Bay (cont)


One batter, two pitchers, two mistakes. A's and Rays going into extra innings at 2-2, after Wigginton hits his second HR of the night, off of Street leading off the 9th to tie it. If only the A's...

The Big Picture


Well, after a loss like this, it's tempting to look for easily identified, "personal" narratives: Giambi once again returning to torment the A's, A-Rod and his continued hot streak (or,...

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