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The I hate ESPN narrative changing open thread

Well Dawg Nation, precious lost and then ESPN's love child USC lost, and I just heard Rece Davis ask Lou and Mark if Florida "was the best team in the SEC East?" after talking about how awesome...

Bless His Heart: A Southeastern Conference Partisan's Reply to Chuck Thompson

Chuck Thompson has written a northern manifesto supporting Southern secession, in which he attacks the SEC's supposed superiority in college football. A Georgia Bulldogs blogger fires back.

Thursday Morning Dawg Bites: The Continental Edition

The Georgia Bulldogs have been in action overseas in England and in Italy, while Mark Richt's football team conducted its first fall scrimmage. Dawg Sports brings you the latest.

Why Herschel Walker Was More Deserving of Inclusion in the SB Nation College Football Hall of Fame Than Ricky Williams


The initial SB Nation College Football Hall of Fame induction class is being announced, and Dawg Sports takes issue with the selection of Ricky Williams, rather than Herschel Walker, as the first...



ESPN does their own preview mag style preseason reveiws every year and usually you have to have an insider account to view them and they pick 2 teams to allow free access. This year they chose the Ark. Razorbacks from the west and your UGA Bulldogs from the east! Read and enjoy learning about everything you already knew about the bulldogs this coming year.

What Do CBS and ESPN Have in Store for Future SEC Football Schedules?


Recent remarks by athletic director Greg McGarity made it clear that future SEC football schedules will bend to the whims of CBS and ESPN. What does this mean for the Georgia Bulldogs' future...

Georgia Bulldogs Thursday Night Softball Open Comment Thread


Yes, you read that headline correctly. At 8:00 p.m. Eastern, the 12th-ranked Georgia women's softball team will host No. 2 Alabama in the annual "Strike Out Cancer" game, which will be televised on...

Live by the Worldwide Leader, Die by the Worldwide Leader


Craig James has made official his intention to run for the U.S. Senate . . . and, the instant the Pony ceased to be an ESPN employee, the Worldwide Leader turned on him in a heartbeat. It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy, but, man, the boys in Bristol are cold-blooded. (Hat tip: Senator Blutarsky.) Go 'Dawgs!

Georgia Bulldogs 31, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets 17: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ten-Game Winning Streak


Mark Richt's Georgia Bulldogs won their tenth straight game on Saturday, defeating the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at historic Grant Field to add a state championship to their SEC East crown. Dawg...

Herschel Walker ESPNU Documentary Open Comment Thread


At 8:00 p.m. tonight, ESPNU debuts its "SEC Storied" documentary of Georgia Bulldogs legend Herschel Walker. While you watch the show, discuss it with your fellow fans in the Dawg Sports open...

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