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Happy Thanksgiving, Bulldog Nation!

It's Thanksgiving Day in America, and few in the United States are as blessed as those fortunate souls residing in Bulldog Nation. It's time for the Georgia Bulldogs faithful to share the reasons...

Why "The Dukes of Hazzard" is the Greatest Movie Ever Made


The 2005 film adaptation of "The Dukes of Hazzard" starring Seann William Scott, Johnny Knoxville, Jessica Simpson, Willie Nelson, and Burt Reynolds is the greatest movie ever made. No, seriously.

Zach Mettenberger's Cautionary Tale of Actions and Consequences, Legal and Otherwise


Former Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Zach Mettenberger entered a guilty plea and was sentenced following the incident that got him dismissed from the football team. The legal system may impose the...

Act Like Your Mama Raised You Right: Bacarri Rambo, Da'Rick Rogers, Facebook, Twitter, and the Loss of Sportsmanship


The recent exchange between the Georgia Bulldogs' Bacarri Rambo and the Tennessee Volunteers' Da'Rick Rogers on Facebook and Twitter illustrates the ways in which we are allowing the internet to...

Three Almost Entirely Random Thoughts, One of Which is Relevant to SEC Football


T. Kyle King had trouble getting to sleep after the national championship game. He thought about Dr. Seuss, Corey Smith, and why 2010 may be the Georgia Bulldogs' year to win the national...

Paul Westerdawg Also Thinks I Need to Calm Down


Once again, not me specifically, just those of us (like me) who are tied up in knots over the defensive coordinator search. All right all right all right, I'm calming down, already! Get off my back, will you?!?! In the words of the Drive-By Truckers, give me patience, but please don't hesitate. Go 'Dawgs!

Diamond Dogs Eliminated in 3-2 Loss to Top Seed L.S.U. in Hoover


After getting shelled in Saturday's first outing, the Georgia Bulldogs rebounded to make a game of it in their second showdown with No. 1 seed LSU in the SEC baseball tournament before falling 3-2.

Ole Miss Rebels 6, Georgia Diamond Dogs 1


Scott Bittle proved to be the Georgia Bulldogs' undoing in Sunday's series-settling baseball game in Oxford as the Ole Miss Rebels carded a 6-1 victory over the visitors.

Friday Night Dawg Bites


Tonight marks the end of a busy and draining week in Georgia athletics as well as in the myriad of matters making up the rest of life, so I will hold off on expressing in detail my gratitude to the...

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