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Bless His Heart: A Southeastern Conference Partisan's Reply to Chuck Thompson

Chuck Thompson has written a northern manifesto supporting Southern secession, in which he attacks the SEC's supposed superiority in college football. A Georgia Bulldogs blogger fires back.

Kentucky Wildcats v. Georgia Bulldogs: Haphazard Ill-Informed Roundball Preview Tackles Hoop Hounds' SEC Basketball Opener


Mark Fox's Georgia Bulldogs men's basketball team begins SEC play in Stegeman Coliseum this weekend, when the Hoop Hounds will welcome the Kentucky Wildcats to Athens. Dawg Sports provides the...

2010 BCS National Championship Contenders Narrowed Down to Seventeen


The lessons of history are clear. There are seventeen college football teams in contention for the 2010 national championship. Learn which squads have a hope of hoisting the crystal football.

Late Night Dawg Bites: Delayed Kiffinfreude/Alternate Uniform/Finish the Drill Edition


Dawg bites features a delayed example of Kiffinfreude, a look at alternate uniform jerseys, and Paul Johnson's favorite catch phrase, plus a knock on Olympic curling.

The Georgia Bulldogs' Five "Best" Losses to the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets


Any Georgia Bulldogs loss to the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets stinks, and Saturday's will be no different . . . but there's a chance that this weekend's Red and Black setback at historic Grant Field...

Don't Bet On It!: National Game of Disinterest


Dawg Sports has taken you around the SEC and given you the national games of interest. Now it is time to declare the national game of disinterest, which may require changing the laws of physics.

The limitations of statistics


To his credit, Dr. Saturday admits up front that he didn't see last Saturday's Georgia-South Carolina tilt, so he is to be forgiven for misreading the mere numbers, which tend to be more useful in assigning blame than in apportioning credit. How did the Gamecocks lose this game? By facing a Bulldog defense that truly bent without breaking, holding tough in the red zone against a South Carolina offense that looked a lot like the Georgia offense of the mid-'90s: unstoppable between the 20s, but limited in the red zone. Numbers tell us a lot, but there are many things numbers cannot measure . . . and what fun would football be if everything could be reduced to mere mathematics? This ain't Logopolis, and we should be grateful for that fact. Go 'Dawgs!

Arkansas Razorbacks 2, Georgia Diamond Dogs 0


The Georgia Bulldogs' weekend baseball series with the Arkansas Razorbacks ended on a down note Sunday when the Hogs beat the Diamond Dogs 2-0.

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