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What Does the Broncos DE Roster Look Like in 2014?


2013 Roster and 2014 Status: Here is a quick look at the Broncos roster from 2013 and what their future holds for the 2014 season. I didn't include Malik Jackson in this list since he spent more...

2013 Pre-Draft Position Breakdown: Defensive End


A look at the Broncos Defensive End position heading into the NFL Draft. Will the Broncos add a DE early to replace Elvis Dumervil? Or will they count on Robert Ayers and Derek Wolfe?

A Quarter with Kawika


We've spent a fair amount of time talking about the base offense from the Power Sets. One of the themes we have repeatedly touched on is putting the defenders in conflict. Strategically this is an...

Keeping The Edge: How The Big 12's Edge Mismatch Will Dictate The Season


If you want to understand one of the primary reasons that the league will take a on a decidedly defensive slant in 2010 compared to years previous, perform this simple exercise: Open a Word doc or...

Looking Ahead to 2012 Husker Football: Defensive Ends


Does a coaching change signal a potential change in philosophy with the defensive ends?

Will the Georgia Bulldogs' Secondary be the Bright Spot in Todd Grantham's New 3-4 Defense?


Georgia Bulldogs fans are concerned about the front seven in Todd Grantham's 3-4 defense, but Scott Lakatos's secondary may be the bright spot in the new scheme.

Robert Ayers: From Tennessee to the NFL


Robert Ayers is the best player from the Volunteers in the 2009 NFL Draft. Take a look at which teams might be interested in drafting him and why.

2009 NFL Draft -- Off the Edge -- Defensive Ends Ranked for Denver


Mile High report ranks draft prospects by position, with an eye towards the needs of the Denver Broncos. Here we break down the best 3-4 Defensive End prospects.

Position Preview: Defensive Ends


If we had a non-special teams weakness last season, it would have to be the defensive ends. Russell Brorsen and John Larson are fine players, sure, and they did their role, but the pass rush always...

2008 Football Preview: The Defensive Ends


Like with the defensive tackles, the LSU defensive ends are a talented and deep bunch led by veterans. On the left, that is #93 Tyson Jackson, the senior starting left defensive end.  On the...

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