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An Anthem to Todd Grantham: The Second-Half Successes of the Georgia Bulldogs' Defense


It's no secret that the Georgia Bulldogs' 3-4 defense has shown marked improvement this college football season, but have Todd Grantham's halftime adjustments restored the Georgia D to Brian...

Georgia Bulldogs 2011 Season Preview: The Kentucky Game


The Georgia Bulldogs will welcome the Kentucky Wildcats between the hedges for Senior Day in Sanford Stadium near the close of the 2011 college football season. Dawg Sports previews the SEC East...

"There's No Tickling in Football!": Defensive Strategies Discovered While Watching a Three-Year-Old


Dawg Sports, inspired by a game played with a three-year-old, took the time to examine the NCAA college football rule book in order to learn the answer to an age-old question: "Is tickling allowed...

The Georgia Bulldogs' Scoring Defense Under Todd Grantham: A Short Course


Old concerns about the Georgia Bulldogs' defense were raised anew after the Kentucky Wildcats scored 31 points on the Red and Black. Dawg Sports puts Todd Grantham's 3-4 defense in context.

Third and Wrong: Why Fans Should Maintain Perspective Regarding the Georgia Bulldogs' Third-Down Conversion Rate Under Todd Grantham


While happy with the outcome, fans of the Georgia Bulldogs are concerned that the Kentucky Wildcats converted nine of 15 third downs against Todd Grantham's defense. Dawg Sports offers a bit of...

Georgia's defense is improving . . . and perhaps the Bulldogs' offense is, too?


Year2 looks at the numbers and makes this interesting point: "I don't know if we can chalk all of the improvement, especially in points, up to the defense alone. Georgia committed three turnovers in each of these games last year, as opposed to one turnover in each of this year's games. That helps out any defense. In addition, Georgia's punt coverage is a little more than four yards per punt better and its kickoff coverage went from allowing 25.71 yards per return in '09 to 17.57 per return this year. These two combined have resulted in about 40 yards of field position saved per game." It's worth the read. Go 'Dawgs!

Dr. Saturday Diagnoses the Georgia D


His conclusion? There's blame enough to go around. Willie Martinez's defense may be struggling, but matters aren't being helped by offensive turnovers and special teams breakdowns.

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