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SEC Expansion, Divisional Realignment, and Rivalries: Walking a Fine Line Between Growth and Tradition


SB Nation's SEC weblog, Team Speed Kills, makes a persuasive case for retaining the divisional alignment of college football's toughest conference. Dawg Sports offers a few thoughts in response.

Cam Newton's Checkbook Register


(Hat tip: College Buddy.) Go 'Dawgs!

A Look at the Recent History of the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry


Over at our SB Nation sister blog, Track 'Em Tigers, Acid Reign is publishing a series on Auburn's recent football matchups with other SEC teams. Here is his writeup on the Plainsman's series with Georgia. While calling 70 X Takeoff "a desperation heave" is a bit of a stretch---it was a designed play with a decoy and a fake which was expertly executed---the rest of it is good stuff. Go 'Dawgs!

Vote for the Dawg Sports Comment of the Week!


It has been a particularly strong week for comments at Dawg Sports. Vote for comment of the week!

Grading Mark Richt After Nine Years With the Georgia Bulldogs (Part I)


Just four head football coaches in the Georgia Bulldogs' history have lasted at least nine years on the job in Athens: Harry Mehre, Wally Butts, Vince Dooley, and Mark Richt. How does Georgia's...


Georgia Bulldogs v. Auburn Tigers Game Day Open Comment Thread

Can't be at the game? Come on over to Dawg Sports and take part in the conversation during the game day open comment thread as the Georgia Bulldogs take on the Auburn Tigers in the Deep South's...

Kudos to Holly for Her Guide to the Georgia-Auburn Game


Everyone's favorite Tennessee fan gives a fair treatment to the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry. Although I hope everyone has a good time tomorrow, I stand by my hatred of Auburn, which I come by honestly. Go 'Dawgs! Auburna delenda est!

"Your Mascot Is So Ugly . . .": How to Taunt an SEC Football Fan


How do you taunt a rival fan? What's the best retort he could offer in reply? Which rivalries are most heated? Which rivals are most hated? Dawg Sports has the answers.

Georgia Bulldogs 17, Auburn Tigers 13


Many in Bulldog Nation doubtless feel badly after Georgia's narrow win over the Auburn Tigers. Nonsense, says Dawg Sports; any win over the Red and Black's oldest rival is a good win.

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