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What Other Legal Issues Will the Georgia Bulldogs Encounter Before College Football Season Begins?


The Georgia Bulldogs have had a rough offseason, most recently punctuated by the arrest of running back Washaun Ealey. Dawg Sports worries that, with a week to go before college football season,...

Tuesday Night Dawg Bites: David Hale/Akeem Dent/Chick-fil-A Edition


Dawg Sports runs down the day's news for the benefit of Georgia Bulldogs fans, bringing you the latest on the NCAA agent investigation, Akeem Dent's injury, and the next disaster to befall Bulldog...

A Word About Preseason College Football Predictions Before I Make Any


Dawg Sports offers a cautionary word about preseason college football predictions before making any of them. Also, the call has been sent out for Georgia Bulldogs fans to share their "Dawgographies!"

Can Damon Evans Continue as the Athletic Director of the University of Georgia?


University of Georgia athletic director Damon Evans appeared before the press earlier this evening. Were his answers adequate to ensure his ability to continue doing his job?

David Hale Removes Debilitating Hex From Georgia Bulldogs


Georgia Bulldogs beat reporter David Hale is moving on, and, although Red and Black fans are sad to see him go, Dawg Sports calls attention to the fact that Hale brought a hex on the Athenians,...

SB Nation Atlanta Officially Debuts Today!


SB Nation Atlanta officially debuts today. Join your favorite local SB Nation writers at TacoMac on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m. to celebrate the rollout of your new...

Monday Night Dawg Bites: Russell Henley, David Hale, Manute Bol, and Mark Richt Edition


Dawg Sports brings you the latest news on Georgia Bulldogs golfer Russell Henley's U.S. Open appearance, beat reporter David Hale's Twitter feed, and Mark Richt's record against top ten opponents.

Snippets From Twitter: David Hale Provides Georgia Bulldogs Updates Ranging from Worrisome to Reassuring


Georgia Bulldogs beat reporter David Hale provided snippets ranging from the worrisome to the reassuring, but the most encouraging update of the day came from Doug Gillett.

Seven Reasons I'm Glad I'm an SEC Fan After Conference Expansion


The Big 12 has been saved. The Big Ten and the Pac-10 appear content with only modest expansion to get to twelve teams. Conference realignment fever passed quickly. Now that the dust has settled,...

Do I Still Have Faith in Mark Richt as the Head Coach of the Georgia Bulldogs?: A Reply to David Hale


The Macon Telegraph's Georgia Bulldogs beat reporter, David Hale, asked fans of the Red and Black whether they still had faith in Mark Richt as a head football coach. Here is the reply from Dawg...

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