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Great news for the Diamond Dawgs--No more Nike bats!


Welcome relief has finally been granted UGA by Nike, who will allow the Dawgs, among 5 other schools, to swing bats by companies other than Nike. Fisheriesdawg and I sat together in Omaha in 2008 and watched Nike lumber cost us a national championship. It's 4 seasons too late, but better late than never!

Damon Evans Enters Guilty Plea on DUI Charge


The former University of Georgia athletic director was sentenced to twelve months' probation, 40 hours of community service, and a $750 fine. Although he wasn't banished from Valdosta or anything, he might as well have been: Evans now lives and works in Boston, largely because his ability to show his face in his former home state has been compromised permanently; through his own poor decisionmaking, Evans derailed a promising career at his dream job, turning his good name into a cautionary tale and a punch line. So ends a disgraceful episode which is no less sad almost seven months later. (Hat tip: Bob Finch.) Go 'Dawgs!

Mark Richt Is a Class Act


I know that's not news to any of you, but it's nice to be reminded every once in a while. Go 'Dawgs!

Today Reportedly Will Mark the End of Damon Evans's Career at the University of Georgia


The discussion of the Bulldogs' new athletic director already has begun, with Greg McGarity and Carla Williams being the leading candidates in the conversation. While I prefer McGarity, I would be pleased with Williams, albeit with one caveat: Williams's experience in athletic administration has come at Vanderbilt and at Georgia during a period of decline. McGarity has spent the last eighteen years working closely with Jeremy Foley in the building of championship programs in all sports at Florida. Personally, I'd prefer to keep Williams where she is, using the financial and managerial skills she has developed while working with Evans, and make McGarity athletic director, enabling him to implement the championship-winning approach he learned from Foley. There are, of course, reasons for preferring Williams to McGarity, and I do not fault those who would rather see Williams promoted from within (or made interim athletic director until a full search can be conducted, thereby giving her an extended audition for the position). However, Mark Bradley expressed an idiotic sentiment when he called McGarity "a Dooley loyalist." What does it mean to be a Vince Dooley loyalist in 2010? Coach Dooley has been gone for six years, he appears to be enjoying retirement and has shown no signs lately of wanting to exercise any influence in Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall, and he has indicated that his focus this autumn will be on the Tennessee squad coached by his son. Bradley may as well have called McGarity a Joel Eaves loyalist or a Wally Butts loyalist for all the real-world significance that label has today. Reasonable Georgia fans can and do prefer Williams to McGarity, but, as usual, Bradley has identified the dumbest reason for taking a reasonable position. Go 'Dawgs!

Michael Adams Reportedly Asked for and Received Damon Evans's Resignation


I'm getting news in drips and drabs here---have I mentioned that I'm on vacation?---but SB Nation Atlanta is keeping on top of the situation. It appears that Michael Adams asked for and received Damon Evans's resignation. I'm guessing this was a "negotiated resignation" that will involve Evans being paid not to be athletic director, but that's just speculation on my part. This was a sad waste of a promising career. No decent human being could celebrate this, but no decent human being could deny its necessity. For the record, Michael Adams is about to replace an athletic director, and no one in Bulldog Nation thinks he had any choice. That really is news. Go 'Dawgs!

Mark Bradley: Damon Evans Out as Georgia Athletic Director


For once, Mark Bradley gets it right: this was sad but necessary. I sincerely hope Damon Evans finds a way to put his life back together, but it was clear that he could no longer do that at the University of Georgia. Go 'Dawgs!

It seems we have a consensus on our hands


Ladies and gentlemen, the Georgia Bulldogs' 2010 defensive coordinator. Now all we have to do is convince someone with actual authority to make this move. That's always the catch, isn't it? Maybe Will Witherspoon could help us convince him to come to Georgia? Maybe politely and respectfully worded e-mails to Damon Evans would do the trick? Go 'Dawgs!

Excellent stuff from Senator Blutarsky on Jacksonville


It's also interesting to see that Greg McGarity, a Georgia alum many Bulldog boosters hoped would succeed Vince Dooley as the athletic director in Athens, will be involved in the negotiations from the Gators' side of the equation. Personally, I believe Damon Evans is being shrewd here. I don't think the thought of actually moving the game has even come within a foot of his head; I think this is posturing to get more money out of Jacksonville. At the end of the day, I'm confident he'll preserve tradition and get us paid for the privilege. That's why he's a good man for this job. Go 'Dawgs!

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