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Erk Update: To the Veterans Committee We Go!

Former Georgia Bulldogs defensive coordinator and Georgia Southern Eagles head coach Erk Russell has been nominated to the College Football Hall of Fame and his candidacy will be considered by the Veterans Committee in early April 2010.

Damn Good 'Dawgs

If you're looking for reasons to feel good about the 2009 season, here's a good one. Go 'Dawgs!

In case you didn't see it in the FanPosts:

Regular Dawg Sports commenter wesgiglio recently penned a piece on Erk Russell. Anytime you have something nice to say about Erk Russell, you're going to get a front page mention around these parts. Go 'Dawgs!

U.S. Representative Jack Kingston is Officially a Better American Than You

When Dawg Sports harshly criticized U.S. Congressman Jack Kingston for a recent vote, the Savannah representative took the time to give the unofficial Georgia Bulldogs weblog an interview, in which he demonstrated a sense of humor and a sense of proportion that are worthy attributes in a public servant.

It's official

Vaya con Dios to a pair of damn good 'Dawgs.

Bringing the Mountain to Mohamed Massaquoi: A Tribute to No. 1 in Your Program and No. 1 in Your Heart

The Capital One Bowl may be Matthew Stafford's and Knowshon Moreno's final game as Georgia Bulldogs, but one standout definitely will be wearing the silver britches for the final time: Mohamed Massaquoi, to whom Dawg Sports pays tribute for four great years.

May the Circle Be Unbroken: Why Uga VII Needs a Vice Uga

As you know, the passing of Uga VI on June 27 set a somber tone here in Bulldog Nation for a summer that has been anything but celebratory in spite of the high expectations for the Red and Black,...

A Fitting Tribute to Uga VI?

During a recent telephone conversation with occasional Dawg Sports commenter College Buddy (not his real name, by the way), I was informed of an interesting school of thought in Bulldog Nation of...

Alabama Fans Pay Their Respects to Uga VI

Over at Roll 'Bama Roll, the passing of Uga VI received a mention and an expression of condolences from the Crimson Tide faithful. Once again, I am touched by the outpouring of sympathy from our S.E.C. brethren. Roll 'Bama Roll, remembering the famous 1996 encounter between Uga and an Auburn football player, has a new poll question of interest to Bulldog Nation. Go vote!

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