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Thursday Night Dawg Bites: Hutson Mason/Holly Anderson/Jamie Luner Edition


What did Hutson Mason have to say about Mark Richt? What Tennessee fan celebrated a birthday on the day Andy Landers's Bulldogs beat Pat Summitt's Volunteers? What's the worst show Kyle has ever...

Thursday Night Dawg Bites: Charlie Strong Moves On, a Congressman Makes Georgia Proud, and Clay Travis Breaks a Table (Metaphorically)


Charlie Strong is the new head coach of the Louisville Cardinals, Clay Travis has mounted an overly enthusiastic defense of the Tennessee Volunteers, and Representative John Barrow represents...

Congressman Jack Kingston is a Man of His Word


U.S. Representative and friend of the blog Jack Kingston made good on his bet with fellow House member Corrine Brown following the Gators' victory in the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. Fortunately, Congresswoman Brown did not wear her orange-and-blue pajamas for the presentation of a Claxton fruit cake. Feel free to insert your "She wanted a fruit cake?!?! She is a fruit cake!!!!" jokes in the comments below. Here's hoping Congressman Kingston doesn't have to vote against another resolution honoring the Sunshine State Saurians on their national championship this January. Go 'Dawgs!

A Recap of 2009 SEC Media Days: I Mean, My Summer Vacation's Over, You Know, and I Accept Full Responsibility


Hidden behind the various controversies surrounding Lane Kiffin and Tim Tebow were a few choice observations that emerged from SEC Media Days. Dawg Sports has plucked these plums from miles of...

Corch Ron Zook gradulates the daughters


Personally, I think he's crazy like a fox and this was a backhanded slap at the Gator(s). Go 'Dawgs!

The next time some snooty academic . . .


. . . tells you college athletics detract from their institutions' academic missions, tell 'em to stuff a sock in it. I gradulate the Gator on this move. Florida is a credit to the conferences in which we play. Go 'Dawgs!

Take the Corrine Brown Quiz!


Rather than finding U.S. Representative Corrine Brown's recent praise of the Florida Gators offensive, the citizens of Bulldog Nation are hoping to hear more from the Congresswoman. Here are a few...

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