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CONSPIRACY THEORY: Ed Reed, Then Andre Johnson?

By all accounts, Andre Johnson is a very good friend of Ed Reed's. 'Dre was a driving force behind Reed signing with the Texans. Could the team's decision to dump Ed Reed portend Andre Johnson's exit from Houston sooner rather than later?

Just How Hot Is Gary Kubiak's Seat?

With Ian Rapoport's news about the front office coming out, we put on our tinfoil hats and read between the lines to divine the fate of Gary Kubiak.

Was Matt Schuab Injured Last Season?

Did he join the likes of Joseph, Cody and Reed as members of the Texans' secret surgery club? One man analyzes the evidence.

The Lyin' in Autumn: How Will Muschamp Secretly Conspired to Bring His Hidden Lifelong Love for the Florida Gators to Fruition

The Florida Gators' new head football coach, Will Muschamp, claims his prior associations with the Georgia Bulldogs, the LSU Tigers, and the Auburn Tigers all were attributable to "temporary insanity." Dawg Sports connects the dots and satirically outlines a conspiracy theory showing Muschamp's more insidious motive.

Fair and Balanced: _____ A's Lose Umpiring Travesty

I enjoyed this thread quite a bit, particularly the part where it's suggested that Reggie Jackson's number should be "unretired" and removed from the tarp. Reggie could only be so lucky- I'm sure Catfish Hunter's ghost and Rickey really enjoy the honor of being listed on a giant hefty bag. Incidentally, the Pinstripe Alley article for the same game was: Yankees 6, ARod 5, A's 1.

Back to Back Games

Ever wonder if the NHL schedule is slanted to give the home team every possible advantage? It certainly has been in Edmonton's case.

Mike's 2009 Wildly Purely Circumstantial Conspiracy Theory

The 2008-2009 Colorado Avalanche: Just like we planned it!!

A Conspiracy??

What is This! Schadenfreude!! Ohio State suspended two defensive backs for the first two games of the season. Conveniently for the Buckeyes, those games are against Youngstown State and Ohio. ...

Game Six Guaranteed?

I didn't notice, because I didn't watch the game (for reasons other than knowing the fix was in).

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