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Introducing the Out-of-Context Dawg Sports Quotation of the Day!


In our ongoing efforts to provide a quality interactive community experience, we are today debuting a new feature which highlights a comment posted here by taking it out of context. This falls...

Slow News Day Tuesday: The Movie Edition


College football fans are counting down the days until Labor Day weekend, but kickoff is still weeks away. Dawg Sports offers a useful distraction in the inaugural edition of "Slow News Day Tuesday."


Don't Let Anyone Ever Tell You That Writing for a Sports Weblog Will Never Pay Dividends

On a trip to Athens for a Georgia Bulldogs football game, T. Kyle King bought a book for his seven-year-old son. Find out why this caused the boy to be impressed with his father.

Completely Unrelated: "Unmade Prequels" on Twitter


Bulldog Nation is all over this one. Go 'Dawgs!

Completely Unrelated: You've Got to Fight for Your Right to a Volvo


Doug Gillett has launched a Twitter campaign to compel Volvo to market the V60 station wagon in the United States. Dawg Sports supports him in his valiant effort.

Completely Unrelated: My Mojo Only Works for the Tampa Bay Rays


Why are the Tampa Bay Rays having trouble drawing fans to Tropicana Field? Lifelong Georgian T. Kyle King takes his son to a game at the Trop once a year, and he recommends that others do, too.

Completely Unrelated: The Ten Books That Have Influenced Me the Most


At the request of Smart Football's Chris Brown, T. Kyle King of Dawg Sports compiled a list of the ten books that have influenced him the most. Well, all right, twenty. Actually, 24 . . . but who's...

Programming Note: Dawg Sports Slated to Appear on ESPN Radio at 7:15 Tonight


Dawg Sports is scheduled to appear on ESPN Radio with John Frary at 7:15 tonight to wrap up the Georgia Bulldogs' 2009 season and look ahead to the 2010 campaign.

Completely Unrelated: A Brief Christmas Eve Interlude


It is my family's tradition to eat supper at the local Waffle House after the Christmas Eve candlelight service at our church. This evening, my six-year-old son ordered a waffle, but, instead of...

I'm as full of myself as the next blogger . . .


. . . but even I believe this is excessive. It's much appreciated, though.

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