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Kent State Eliminates Florida From College World Series


The Golden Flashes' first win ever in Omaha sent the Gators back to Gainesville, as the No. 1-ranked Saurians fell to 0-2 and barbecue. Go 'Dawgs!

NCAA Baseball Tournament Regional Host Sites Announced


I'd prefer to see Georgia playing as the No. 2 seed in Clemson, but the Atlanta Regional is the Diamond Dogs' most likely destination. Go 'Dawgs!

Gamecocks Win College World Series


South Carolina swept UCLA in the College World Series finals to claim the NCAA baseball title in Omaha. The Gamecocks join Georgia and LSU as the only SEC teams to win the national championship in baseball. I congratulate the Palmetto State Poultry on their achievement, which caps off a successful regular season, a comeback in Rosenblatt Stadium to overcome in-state rival Clemson, and a stellar pitching performance in the two games of the final series. Go 'Dawgs!

The Apocalypse is One Gamecock Win Away


South Carolina won the opening game of the College World Series finals. The Gamecocks are a lone victory away from capturing the national championship that most assuredly will mark the start of the final days. Can the Bruins stave off Armageddon? Help us, UCLA, you are our only hope. . . . Go 'Dawgs!

College World Series Elimination Game Headed for Extra Innings


Oklahoma and South Carolina are tied at the end of nine innings. Winner faces Clemson Friday night. Go 'Dawgs!

Gators Eliminated in Omaha


The SEC fell to 0-3 in the College World Series with Florida's loss to in-state rival Florida State in Monday afternoon's elimination game. It couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of guys. Go 'Dawgs!

Clemson Win Averts In-State Elimination Games for SEC Squads


Florida and Florida State are set to play a College World Series elimination game, but a similar setup for the Palmetto State participants in Omaha was averted a few moments ago when Clemson defeated Arizona State. A Sun Devil win would have sent the Country Gentlemen into an elimination outing against the Gamecocks. Go 'Dawgs!

Half of College World Series Field Now Set


Florida, Florida State, and South Carolina are among the four teams that have advanced to the College World Series in Omaha. The Diamond Dogs faced all three clubs during their dismal regular season. Vanderbilt eliminated Louisville. Florida State eliminated Vanderbilt. South Carolina eliminated Coastal Carolina. That means Derek Johnson's, Drew Thomas's, and Roger Williams's offseasons are underway. You know, just in case David Perno has some calls he's like to make. Virginia will play a decisive game three tomorrow, after which Karl Kuhn's season may be over, as well. If the Cavaliers are eliminated on Monday, there no longer will be any reason for Coach Perno to tarry in making the necessary offseason moves. Go 'Dawgs!

How Tough Was the Diamond Dogs' 2010 Schedule?


Check out the NCAA baseball tournament field. Out of 64 teams, eleven played Georgia during the regular season. Five of those eleven were seeded second in their respective regionals: Alabama, Clemson, LSU, Ole Miss, and Vanderbilt. The other six were regional No. 1 seeds, all but one of whom are hosting regionals in their hometowns: Arkansas, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Georgia Tech, and South Carolina. Two of the five regional hosts Georgia faced are among the top eight national seeds. I didn't have the heart to double-check my math, but I believe the Red and Black were 2-26 against the eleven teams they faced that made the tourney field. Go 'Dawgs!

David Perno Receives Raise


After becoming just the twelfth baseball coach to lead his team to the College World Series three times in his first seven seasons, David Perno received a 50 per cent pay bump from $300,000 to $450,000 per year.

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