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A Beef 'O' Brady's Bowl Q&A


We interviewed an East Carolina beat writer from the Daily Reflector in Greenville, North Carolina. See what Nathan Summers had to say about the Pirates match up with the Ohio Bobcats in the Beef...

2013 College Football Bowl Score Projections


66% of the time, it works every time.


An Alternate Set of Bowl Projections

The main set of bowl projections is still here, and that's the method I've used for a few years now. I've wanted to overhaul the method for a while now to include an adjustment for pace, as that's...

2012 College Football Bowl Score Projections


Back for the third year and ready to go.

Commissioners Want to Kill The BCS - The Name - But Can't Agree on a Successor


The BCS name is going away, but a national championship game seems almost certain to be played after everybody has played a bowl game.

Harvey Being Harvey; The Big Ten Postures for the College Football Postseason


Harvey Perlman defending the current BCS is nothing new. But when you dig into the Big Ten's position, you find room for a compromise.

Take that, Rose Bowl


You can have the Pac12/Big10 matchup.

Harvey Perlman Still Loves the Bowl System


Nebraska's chancellor seemed to throw water on playoff talk. Let's not forget that he threw water on the idea of Nebraska leaving for the Big Ten and gave Steve Pederson a contract extension three...

College Football Postseason Options


Change to college football's post-season is on the way. Steve Wieberg's USA Today story details the post-season proposals now on the table for BCS officials. No idea has been ruled out, but the focus now is on four options for determining a national champion with two involving a four-team playoff. Also interesting are proposals that deal with the next level of top teams. The next 6-16 top teams after the top 4 could be placed in bowl matchups by ranking/seeding to create 'the most evenly matched and attractive games that make geographic sense for the participants.' The proposals aim to strengthen field play as a factor in qualifying for bowl appearances with less emphasis on tourism factors.

NCAA Looking to Get Less and Also More Involved with the College Football Postseason


The NCAA is trying to step back from football postseason governance while also getting involved in a potential football playoff.

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