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College Football Bowl Open Comment Thread, with a Poll Question!


College football bowl season begins today! Will the Georgia Bulldogs be rooting for or against the bowl-bound opponents the Red and Black faced during the regular season?

Kyle Gets Contrary: The BCS Is Better Than a College Football Playoff


Many college football fans strongly favor dumping the BCS and adopting a playoff. Dawg Sports provides four reasons why the Bowl Championship Series is preferable to a Division I-A tournament.

Friday Morning Dawg Bites


Damon Evans is not to blame, Brian Cook can put his mind at ease, Oklahoma State may be a paper tiger, the old bowl system was better than the BCS, and next week is going to be "open mic week" at...

Don't Bet On It!: The Final Verdict for My 2008 Predictions


As always, Dawg Sports picked a plethora of college football games this season, including all of the bowls. It's time to face the music and tally up the won-lost record on predictions.

Final BlogPoll Ballot Explained


You've seen the Dawg Sports top 25. Now learn the reasons why T. Kyle King's CBSSports.com BlogPoll ballot was cast as it was.

Why the Texas Longhorns Have No Claim to the National Championship


After their stirring comeback victory in the Fiesta Bowl, do Mack Brown's Texas Longhorns have a case to make for No. 1? Dawg Sports explains why they don't.

Do the Utah Utes Have a Case to Make for Winning the National Championship?


The BCS national championship game pits the Florida Gators against the Oklahoma Sooners, but has a deserving club been left out of the conversation? Dawg Sports analyzes the Utah Utes' argument for...

Should a Georgia Fan Root for Florida in the National Championship Game?


Next Thursday, the Florida Gators will play for the national championship. How should fans of the Georgia Bulldogs be rooting?

Too Much Information: A Look at the Michigan State Spartans' Offense


With the Capital One Bowl on tap for January 1, Bulldog Nation is beginning to gear up for the Michigan State Spartans. How scared should Georgia be of MSU running back Javon Ringer?

So About Georgia's Date With Michigan State . . .


Partisans in the Peach State are beginning to get geared up for the Georgia Bulldogs' date with the Michigan State Spartans. Dawg Sports provides a brief history of the Capital One Bowl...

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