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What Is SB Nation Saying About the SEC?

The SEC Power Poll features two ties, Tennessee fans are holding out hope for a win in Athens, and Sunday Morning Quarterback thinks big things are brewing in the SEC East. Who's right and who's...

Will Ralph Friedgen be the Georgia Bulldogs' Next Offensive Line Coach?: Why Hiring This Good Coach Would be a Bad Idea


Rumors were flying fast and furious on Thursday night that former Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets offensive coordinator and Maryland Terrapins head coach Ralph Friedgen was the frontrunner to replace...

Why Winning the 2010 Liberty Bowl is Critical to the Future of Mark Richt and the Georgia Bulldogs


Dawg Sports previews Friday's Liberty Bowl meeting between the Georgia Bulldogs and the Central Florida Knights, explaining why the minor college football bowl game has major implications for Mark...

SEC Power Poll (Week Twelve): Nothing in These Rankings Will Make Georgia Bulldogs Fans Feel Thankful


An exciting yet ultimately uneventful weekend of college football in the Southeastern Conference gave Dawg Sports few reasons to rank the teams differently in this week's SEC Power Poll.

A Word About Preseason College Football Predictions Before I Make Any


Dawg Sports offers a cautionary word about preseason college football predictions before making any of them. Also, the call has been sent out for Georgia Bulldogs fans to share their "Dawgographies!"

Bobby Johnson's Sudden Retirement Sends Shock Waves Through SEC


Vanderbilt Commodores head football coach Bobby Johnson made it plain that he was retiring for reasons having nothing to do with health or scandal and everything to do with quality of life. Dawg...

Mark Richt Rounds Out Georgia Bulldogs' Defensive Staff by Hiring Warren Belin


After a disappointing national signing day, Mark Richt hired away the Vanderbilt Commodores' recruiting coordinator, Warren Belin, to coach the Georgia Bulldogs' linebackers. This hire, like those...

Don't Bet On It!: Around the SEC


With another big weekend of college football on tap in the SEC, Dawg Sports offers the latest round of league predictions in this week's installment of "Don't Bet On It!"

Don't Bet On It!: Around the SEC


Dawg Sports picks every SEC game this weekend. Yeah, the Florida Gators will get by Charleston Southern, but what about Alabama-Virginia Tech and South Carolina-N.C. State?

If the Going Got Tough, Would Mark Richt Get Going . . . to Another Program?


A recent list of SEC coaches pegged the Georgia Bulldogs' Mark Richt as the second-most likely skipper in the league to bolt for another program. Dawg Sports explains why that's just stupid.

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