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FTRS Q&A Special: History Lesson

We asked reader Vespula, a basketball-obsessed Jacket since her days as a student in the 70s, to compare the current beesketball team to the ones of yore and give us some perspective. Bone up on...

Bobby Cremins is back at Georgia Tech!


"The man, the hair, the legend" is back on The Flats! The fine gentleman our squeaky-foul-bouncy-hoops court is named after has thrown his near-celebrity status in for Coach Gregory and the GT Basketball program as an Alumni Relations Chair of sorts. In my opinion, this is a huge win for our premier indoor sport.

ACC Basketball Has "Slipped"? And The Big Finish


Duke basketball head coach Mike Krzyzewski states the obvious ... ACC basketball has slipped over the years.

Georgia Tech's All-Time Performance in the ACC Basketball tournament


FTRS wants to peek back into the ACC history books and see how Georgia Tech has fared since 1980 in Greensboro...

Georgia Tech vs. UNC: Discussing the Heels with Tar Heel Fan Blog


From the Rumble Seat peers into the Chapel Hills and finds Tar Heel Fan Blog rummaging through old newspaper clippings. He asks, "What are you doing?" Tar Heel responds...

ACC vs. SEC Basketball: Team Performances in Conference Rivalry Games


How do the 24 teams of the ACC and SEC match up since the Bobby Cremins' Era at Tech?

2010 Liberty Bowl Too Much Information: Georgia Bulldogs v. Central Florida Knights


On New Year's Eve, the Georgia Bulldogs will encounter the Central Florida Knights in the Liberty Bowl. Dawg Sports offers "Too Much Information" on the final game of the Red and Black's college...

Clean-Old Fashioned, Hoops Hate 2010 Edition


Previewing the GT-UGA 2010 edition of Clean Old-Fashioned, Hoops Hate.

Lookin' at returning depth on Georgia Tech's Hoops Squad


How does Tech's returning hoops depth stack up to previous Hewitt seasons.

What to watch: 2/16/09


Pittsburgh at Connecticut (7 p.m./ESPN) Should be a nice little finesse game between two decent teams. North Carolina A&T at Delaware State (7 p.m./ESPNU) Pitt/UConn, Schmitt/Schmooconn. C...

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