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Friday Morning Dawg Bites Offers Fashion Advice

It is the final Friday morning of 2012, and the Georgia Bulldogs are getting ready to take on the Nebraska Cornhuskers in the Capital One Bowl. Dawg Sports brings you up to speed on the latest...

How Do the 2007 and 2012 Football Seasons Compare?

Though this college football season will produce neither a conference nor a national championship for Georgia, it remains one of the best uncrowned seasons in school history. In that regard, the...

Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites: Yes, We Have No Tailbacks Edition


Isaiah Crowell, Ken Macome, and Carlton Thomas are among the tailbacks who will be out for the Georgia Bulldogs' college football game on Saturday. Dawg Sports brings you the latest on this and...

The Georgia Bulldogs' Nike Pro Combat Uniforms: A Dispassionate Assessment After Several Hours Have Passed


Bulldog Nation is strongly divided over the Nike Pro Combat uniforms the Georgia Bulldogs will wear in their season opener against the Boise State Broncos. Dawg Sports attempts a dispassionate...

Thursday Night College Football Open Comment Thread


There is much to discuss, and college football on ESPN besides, so the Thursday night open comment thread is up at Dawg Sports. Come join in the conversation.

Instantaneous Ill-Informed Roundball Wrapup: South Carolina 78, Georgia 77


Was the Georgia Bulldogs' one-point road loss to the surging South Carolina Gamecocks a moral victory, a near-upset, or a crushing disappointment? For Dawg Sports, it was the opportunity to channel...

Let the Big Dawg Eat, Write Books, Wear Red Jerseys, and Dance


Should Mark Richt allow the Georgia Bulldogs to dance on the sidelines? Dawg Sports says the head coach is correct to let the players enjoy themselves during the games.

In Defense of Loud Music at Opportune Moments


Is Brian Cook right that college football crowds aren't fired up by loud music? Not according to Dawg Sports, he isn't.

A Welcome College Football Comeback: The Restoration of the T Formation


War Eagle Atlanta of Track 'Em Tigers wants to see the return of the wishbone. T. Kyle King of Dawg Sports believes the Georgia Bulldogs should go back to running the T formation.

Georgia Bulldogs 13, Georgia Bulldogs 3: Random Reflections on G-Day


T. Kyle King of Dawg Sports did not react well to what he saw on G-Day. On second thought, though, he has gone from downright dour to merely pessimistic about the Georgia Bulldogs' chances this...

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