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From the Man Himself:


Zach Mettenberger was absurdly good on third downs and passing downs. Aaron Murray was absurdly good on first downs and standard downs. I don't even know what else to say, at least without going about 2,000 words. This was just a joyful, fun, incredibly well-played football game. I wish they were all like this. LSU games are rarely beautiful, but this was beautiful.

From Bill Connelly. Compare the success rates on passing downs and on standard downs, and you'll understand everything you need to know about this game. Go 'Dawgs!

T Kyle King Reviews Study Hall

T Kyle King Reviews Study Hall

Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites: Todd Gurley, Man, Is Here to Pump (Clap) You Up! Edition

Incoming freshman tailback Todd Gurley is making a favorable impression for the Georgia Bulldogs, highlighting Wednesday morning's edition of "Dawg Bites."

BlogPoll Preseason College Football Top 25 Rankings: Why Limit Ourselves to Looking Ahead to 2012?


The 2011 college football season ended only a week ago, so, naturally, it's time to begin compiling pre-preseason top 25 rankings for 2012! Dawg Sports wonders, though . . . why should we limit...

Georgia's Mark Richt entered 2011 on one of the hottest seats in the country. Despite having won at...


Georgia's Mark Richt entered 2011 on one of the hottest seats in the country. Despite having won at least nine games in seven of 10 seasons (they had done so seven times in 18 seasons before Richt arrived), the grumbles that began when the Dawgs didn't win the national title in 2008 (after beginning the season No. 1), grew considerably when Georgia fell to 6-7 in 2010. The perception was that things could totally fall apart if and/or when Richt began 2011 poorly. And sure enough, Georgia was picked apart by Boise State and lost via some crazy bounces against South Carolina. Georgia was 0-2, and Richt was supposedly on his last legs in Athens. But anyone who looked at Georgia's schedule knew the Dawgs could go on a major run if they held together. They did, and they did. The defense clicked, and the offense did just enough. Georgia held all but one of its final 10 opponents under 21 points and, when South Carolina stumbled offensively, they not only caught the Gamecocks in the standings, but surpassed them for Richt's first SEC East title since 2005.

Bill Connelly gives props to Mark Richt. That almost makes up for the fact that he listed all four of Georgia's losses among the top 100 games of the 2011 college football season. Almost. Go 'Dawgs!

Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites: It's the End of the World as We Know It, and I Feel Fine


Dawg Sports looks at all the noteworthy news regarding the Georgia Bulldogs, in football, recruiting, basketball, tennis, soccer, and swimming and diving in Wednesday morning's edition of "Dawg...

All-Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites of the Year Would Like to Thank Both the Academy and the East Wichita Chick-fil-A


Despite the outcome of the SEC Championship Game, it's been a good week for the Georgia Bulldogs, with recruit Keith Marshall committing, Isaiah Crowell being named conference freshman of the year,...

Truths, Whole Truths, and Advanced College Football Statistics: Bill Connelly Answers Questions About the Georgia Bulldogs


The Georgia Bulldogs have improved dramatically, but how good are they? SB Nation college football statistics expert Bill Connelly sits for an interview with Dawg Sports in an effort to answer that...

Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites: 76 Straight Wins Lead the Big Parade


There is much news afoot for fans of the Georgia Bulldogs, from the football field to the basketball court to, yes, the women's swimming and diving team. Dawg Sports sums it all up for you in this...

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