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A Look Back at the 1969 Georgia-Nebraska Sun Bowl

The Georgia Bulldogs and the Nebraska Cornhuskers, who are slated to meet in the 2013 Capital One Bowl, crossed paths in a college football bowl game once before, squaring off in the 1969 Sun Bowl.

Don't Bet On It!: The College Football National Game of Disinterest


Coming into the season, Big Ten partisans anticipated that the Ohio State Buckeyes' trip to Lincoln to face the Nebraska Cornhuskers would be a clash of conference titans. Instead, it's this week's...

Four Things You Need to Know About Texas A&M's (Apparently) Impending Move to the SEC


The Texas A&M Aggies have informed the Big 12 that they are exploring their opportunities in other conferences. As an SEC invitation appears imminent, here are four things college football fans...

Would Gary Patterson Make a Better Head Coach for the Georgia Bulldogs Than Mark Richt?


Because Mark Richt enters the 2011 college football season with his job potentially in jeopardy, some fans of the Georgia Bulldogs already are touting the TCU Horned Frogs' Gary Patterson as a...

Where Should Greg McGarity Turn If Jay Clark is to be Replaced as Head Coach of the Gym Dogs?


The Georgia Bulldogs women's gymnastics program has fallen off considerably since Jay Clark took over for Suzanne Yoculan. If Greg McGarity must replace him as head coach of the Gym Dogs, where...

Don't Bet On It!: Week 14 College Football Forecasts for the National Games of Interest and Around the SEC


It's championship week in college football, and Dawg Sports is picking the winners of all the conference title games, around the country and in the SEC, in "Don't Bet On It!"

How Do You Solve a Problem Like the Gators?: Notes on Restoring Balance in the Georgia Bulldogs' Most Important College Football Rivalry (Part II)


New athletic director Greg McGarity says the Georgia Bulldogs need to get over their "Florida fixation." Dawg Sports contends that the Gators will continue to have the upper hand in the college...

Too Much Information: Georgia Bulldogs at Colorado Buffaloes


The Georgia Bulldogs hope to snap a three-game skid on the road in Saturday night's college football game against the Colorado Buffaloes. Dawg Sports breaks down the non-conference matchup in "Too...

Preliminary Week Two BlogPoll Ballot Draft: Idle Boise State Drops, Impressive Alabama Advances to No. 1


Dawg Sports has posted its preliminary BlogPoll ballot, in which Boise State drops while idle, Alabama advances to No. 1, and six new teams enter the college football top 25.

How Big Ten Expansion Could Force the Texas Longhorns to Join the SEC


The Texas Longhorns would prefer to stay put it in the Big 12 or cast their lot with an expanded Pac-10 or Big Ten, but politics and geography could force the 'Horns to join the SEC in the era of...

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