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Utah vs The BCS: Arguments Before the Court

After last week's article that is a Primer on the issues in the Utah vs the BCS case, we follow up with an article presenting arguments from both sides. Questions asked were from the Justices of...

What they're (the pesky rumor-driven media) saying about P10 expansion

Utah to the Pac-Ten has picked up some serious steam. Is it just talk, though?

Talking AQ Evaluation With BCS Executive Director, Bill Hancock

New BCS Executive Director helps clarify the BCS Evaluation Period.

Week Thirteen BlogPoll Ballot Draft

Last week's rivalry showdowns produced little change at the top of the rankings but shook up the rest of the top 25 considerably. Dawg Sports tries to make sense of the carnage.

Don't Bet On It!: National Games of Interest

Can the Clemson Tigers escape Atlanta with a win over the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets on Thursday night? Will the Notre Dame Fighting Irish survive a tussle with the Michigan Wolverines in Ann Arbor? How badly will the USC Trojans manhandle the Ohio State Buckeyes? Dawg Sports has the answers.

Slim Pickings: does Southwest carry ESPN2?

I'm going to New York City for the first time this weekend. I was really excited because the timing seemed to work out really well. I failed to consider that Boise State plays on more weekdays...

Two days after, and we're still buzzing

Excuse us for a second. YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! /fistpump That's better. What a win for the Broncos! What a game by the Broncos! This one will live in infamy in Boise State history at...

BCS Bros.: non-BCS planets align for Broncos

Each week, the BCS Bros. will handicap the Broncos' chances of landing in college football's ultimate crapshoot. Speaking of crapshoots, the Vandals will also be mentioned regularly. Zing! It's...

Viewer's guide to Week One: sponsored by Cheetos

College football season is here, which means we can at last start shirking responsibilities around the house, eating dinner in the living room, and going an entire day wearing sweat pants. Life is...

The Mountain West's great week

Saturday, the Mountain West arguably had its best week in conference history. Not only did all but one team win, the conference was a crushing 4-0 against the supposed better Pac Ten. And it...

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