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Nananananananananana SYRACUSE!


When things go wrong in TampaCuse land, Syracuse is who gets called. But what happens then?

Their punishment must be more severe.


Oh, you think loudness is your ally. But you merely adopted the screams; I was born in it, molded by it. The Seahawks will win the Super Bowl....and then you have my permission to die.

FINALS NOW! Vol. #1 - Spurs Illustrations

Tim as an X-Man? Manu as DC Comics' most notorious hero? Here's a look at the first few illustrations that will give you a whole new perspective on those 'old' Spurs.

The Rock knows his role. But do YOU?

The Rock is a smart and talented business man. The Rock doesn’t need the WWE Championship. What would The Rock even do with it? Take it with The Rock to movie premieres?

You Will Never Be Younger Than You Are Right Now


Batman #263: One move, Yankees, and zing! (www.comics.org) After last night’s shocking, come-from-behind win against the Orioles, the...

Caption This! Chelsea's Dark Knight Rises


Somebody on the Czech physio team is a just little too enamored with Christopher Nolan. Or maybe he loves Tim Burton. I vote for Tim Burton. Where does he get those wonderful toys? For those too...

LHH Zeitgeist: Nassau Leaders Announce Plans to See 'The Dark Knight Rises'


Constantly bickering Nassau County leaders decide to take in "The Dark Knight Rises." What could possibly go wrong?

The martial arts of the Batman part 1


Getting ready to see the Dark Knight RIses? Curious as to how good a fighter Batman really is? Then Check out part 1 of "BAM! POW! ZAP! Holy MMA, Batman! The Martial Arts of the Dark Knight"


'tHan's tHoughts

1. I got to work Monday morning & had to pee. Every single stall was full of #PublicPoopers. Do people just hold it all weekend so that they can blow up the public bathroom as soon as they get...

Byrne-ing Desire?


My new personal hero, the alliteratively-named disgruntled Aggie Roger Rogge, recently sent the following e-mail to Texas A&M Athletic Director "Dollar" Bill Byrne: Hey assholes I am a third...

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