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"We Didn't Start the Fire," Big 12-Style

This may be the finest example of a blogger writing a humorous song to deal with his pain since . . . well, you know. Go 'Dawgs!

At Blogs With Balls, Spencer Hall Showed, Um, Guts

Brian is right that "this is pure meta," but the inestimable Mr. Cook has provided the blogosphere with a tremendous service by transcribing the exchange that was hard to hear on the video but well worth your time to review. Enjoy, and express your gratitude to Orson Swindle for fighting the good fight! Go 'Dawgs!

Garnet & Black Attack Previews Weekend Baseball Series

Apparently, I'm not even good at predicting when things are going to go bad. Go 'Dawgs!

I'll Never Be a Big-Time Blogger . . .

. . . until I make my way onto this chart. Go 'Dawgs!

David Hale Thinks I Need to Calm Down

Well, not me specifically, but folks who, like me (and, to his credit, unlike MaconDawg) are fretting endlessly over the defensive coordinator search. The new guy can't get here soon enough for me, but I appreciate being reminded of the need for patience. Go 'Dawgs!

SB Nation's Texas A&M Blogger Reviews Independence Bowl

Methinks someone is suffering from just a wee bit of SEC envy. If it bothers Big 12 fans so much that we're so proud of our league, they may want to stop all the premature bragging about how they've surpassed us. By the way, "Glory, Glory" is set to the tune of a campfire spiritual written circa 1855. It was not until five and six years later, respectively, that the tune was used along with the lyrics to the songs that became "John Brown's Body" and "The Battle Hymn of the Republic." In other words, we didn't borrow our fight song from the U.S. Army; both we and the U.S. Army borrowed the music from a religious song and appropriated it to our own purposes. Go 'Dawgs!

Dr. Saturday Looks at the Independence Bowl

While he does not offer a prediction, he does examine the defensive backfields of the respective teams and focuses our attention on A.J. Green. This is literally the first time in my life that I have ever typed these words, and I cannot imagine that it will not be the last, but: I wish I was in Shreveport right now. Go 'Dawgs!

BCS Evolution Forecasts 30-27 Georgia Win in Shreveport

Writes utesfan100: "Georgia has severe issues with turnovers that could cost them the game. I still think is is their game to lose." That strikes me as a pretty big "if." Go 'Dawgs!

Oklahoma Bloggers Project 45-35 Comeback Win for Georgia in Independence Bowl

I'd feel better about that prediction if they didn't have Richard Samuel rushing for 117 yards and three touchdowns after being effectively removed from the running back rotation and possibly relocated to linebacker for the 2010 season, but Joe Cox's predicted stat line (13 of 23 for 193 yards, a touchdown, and three picks) certainly rings true. Go 'Dawgs!

An Aggie's Initial Insights Into the Independence Bowl

From our SB Nation sister site, with whom I'm sure we'll be corresponding as the date in Shreveport nears. Go 'Dawgs!

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